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  1. Yeah, I’m the same.

    Monday – Friday lots of people. Weekend, nothing.

    Just goes to show that when people should be working, they’re reading blogs. Then they complain they get worked too hard. Think that means we should consider their stress levels when we write?

  2. Mondays and Thursdays are my big-hit days, with monthly spikes that appear to happen on the waxing half-moon….

    No wonder the economy’s in the toilet, with nobody doing work anywhere if they have an internet connection. Are bloggers of the world to blame for the mess after all??


  3. Damn you wrote a good blog and i missed it damn. sigh this is what happens when you work long hours and you forget to check out your blog. hope your well and happy.

  4. I thoroughly disagree, fortunately for me in order to stay “grounded” I have to read your blog! The crop in the back yard isn’t ready yet and neither are the oranges, what am I going to do to keep myself from thinking about the political f-up going on over here? For god’s sake man, get up and tickle the keyboard!

  5. wouldya go on, betcha wrote nuthin’, heh! Ok, just for us poor sods with sad lives on a sunday, would you go and post it. g’wan…..

  6. Thanks for taking away my only bit of fun in the midst of the “crisis” mode here. I can’t turn on the TV for fear of having to see the same old politians on every channel, I can’t read because of my active wee uns. My only good laugh of the day is your blog stories and now you choose to deprive us? Thanks Grandad πŸ™‚

  7. Ha!

    If you lot pay me a retainer, and I will write great stuff every day.

    Until then……..

  8. I think it was Marx who said “The primary function of a blog is to distract the proletariat when they should be working“.

    Seeing as the majority of you aren’t working on a Sunday, I am wasting my time.

  9. I was gonna apologize for my lack of visiting lately, Grandad….so here I am & WHAT?!?!…no post?!!?


    Guess I’ll come back tomorrow. I hope there’s something to read!


  10. According to unnamed sources at an extra legal government agency, they have tapped into your computer, they read your post as you typed it, and they did not think it was that interesting.

  11. But Sunday is everyone’s day to shine. That way people can look forward to something that they can spend most of Monday morning reading and pondering over instead of working/going to lectures/etc.

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