Backslapping time — 15 Comments

  1. I wont be attending any of them cos I’m anti-establishment.

    No, wait, that’s not the word. Oh yeah, shite.

    Cos I’m shite.

  2. I’m barred from Cork. Long story.

    Doesn’t matter, won’t be shortlisted or nominated either way, my bribe cheque bounced.

  3. Darragh – Make that five, and you’re on!

    Thrifty & Maxi – The IBA are nothing to do with winning or losing. They are about getting pissed.

    Robert – It’s OK. I’ll bring my own protection.

  4. All right. All right.

    We’ll go the day before, get hammered and turn up for the gig completely smashed.

    Drink. Drugs. Latvian hookers.


  5. Bock – That sounds like a good plan. No one will notice how hammered we are, as the Zimmer Frames will keep us upright.

  6. Thrifty, perhaps you and I can lobby for a Shite category at one of these things? Someone’s got to remember the Rest-Of-Us.

  7. Cork?

    JD said he was coming from the US and I assumed that they were in Dublin.

    Well, that’s the end of that thought.

  8. PS. How can Bock keep up his tradition of offending everyone if he buys you a pint? Have you joined the Pioneers?

  9. I said I’d buy it. I didn’t say I’d give it to him. He can have it after it’s been digested a little.

  10. The fact that I’m not going to Cork to pick up my award makes the whole thing redundant as an event.

  11. I’m amazed how many awards there are now. Where are they all coming from?
    But I’m not really bothered about them, since I will never win one anyway.
    (Never won anything in my life, not even the Lotto…)

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