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  1. Not at all I love Mondays. I can not wait to get back to the office. Who would not love the traffic you get to sit in while waiting to get to work. Now excuse me , there are a couple of gentlemen in nice white coats telling me it is time to take my medication. Once it has taken effect they will untie the restraints and remove the jacket…

  2. Jim C – Do you have those men in white coats too? They are very nice men, and they give me nice coloured sweets.

  3. I don’t like Mondays. I get a load of emails from clients over the weekend complaining about this or that being “broken” and they expect it all to be done as soon as I receive the email. I leave it all for Monday, meaning that I come in to the office and already have a pile of dissatisfied clients to appease.

    Of course, the boss expects all of that to be done as well as the normal money-making stuff I usually do on a weekday.

    So yes, you’re alone on that!

  4. Monday, Saturday – doesn’t make much of a difference to me either.

    When I was a kid I used to think there were 9 days in the week:

    I was only corrected when I kept asking what date it would be on yesterday.

  5. Nope. I love a Monday, me. After two whole days sharing my house with 3 noisy men, all of a sudden it’s just me and the dawg. I could give Monday a bit, wet kiss, frankly.

  6. I like Mondays – And I have got Sunday Dinner Pie for dinner tonight – on the right day too!!!

  7. Mondays are taxi driver’s Saturdays, so I too love them apart from the obligatory shopping expedition.

  8. Love Mondays for two reasons mainly :
    1) A bit of order returns when the wee uns get off to school
    2) I get to catch up on the things that I never have time for during weekends, like my blog friends.

  9. I’m all for Mondays, unless they’re like today when a 7am start was called for. I’m often off, though, of a Monday, in which case it’s nice knowing some other fucker is filling in for me.

    And why did I never think of that thermometer trick? It’s roughly 14 years too late now.

  10. Another 25 years of mortgage repayments?


    Does that sum up the financial bullshit that’s going on now or does it not?

    Another 25 years. Jesus!

  11. Mondays are fine. It is the first working day after the weekend. Usually spent chatting/listening/agonising while listening about the weekends of others.

    Wednesday is great too. Over the hump of the week. The weekend is on the way!

    Thursday isn’t too bad either. Almost Friday and one Thursday in every two is/was payday!

    Friday? The weekend is here! Everyone is chatting/listening/agonising about what they or others are about to get up to over the weekend.
    You may have noticed I appeared to have forgotten Tuesday. Well I haven’t.

    Tuesday. The most evil day in the week. Neither here nor there and it always seems to be the longest day in the week. The day that never ends. The reality is that there is another three days before the next weekend start to kick in. All the work you never got done on the Monday because we were all too busy chatting about what happened over the weekend.

    Tuesday is the most evil day of the week! Give me a Monday any day 🙂 Just the one mind.

  12. I have a strange relationship with it to be honest. I’ve taken to hating Sunday evenings just as I used to when I was a kid. Then it was looming school and the threat of bedtime when That’s Life was finished, now it’s just because my partner and I usually have to say goodbye and go our seperate ways to different parts of the country for the week.

    But then Monday itself? I actually like my job and the people I work with so it’s a bit of a lift to be frank.

    I know I’m mostly in the minority when it comes to this.

  13. Ouch! I neglect the site for a few hours and come back to a clatter of comments.

    Welcome Gray, not only to my humble site but to the world of blogging [unless I missed something, you only started a month ago?]

    So the general consensus is that Mondays are crap unless
    a) you work on Sunday
    b) You are a woman
    c) you are retired
    d) you are Robert

    Aw! Feckit!! It’s Tuesday now.

    Sorry Robert…

  14. Thanks for noticing Grandad! Yes, I’m new and only just finding now that people are stumbling on me but I have been lurking here for a good deal longer.

  15. Mondays are my Fridays, now that I am working in retail. My excitement comes from being able to stay up past midnight Monday evening and knowing I can where pj’s all day on Tuesday.

    Oh yeah, life is sweet.

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