Ingratitude — 16 Comments

  1. Pity the Canadians Grandad; they were raised by Moose and their brains are perma-frosted.

    They couldn’t see a true kindness even if it kicked them in the arse.

    Which it has done.

  2. How are they supposed to get home if you’ve posted their passports and tickets to their home?

    Fuck them.

    I used to get stuff left in the restaurant all the time, supposedly very important stuff and when I’d turn it in to Pearse Street, I’d get abuse.

    If it’s that important, don’t leave it behind you mindless cunt.


  3. Susan – I have done my bit for international relations. It’s back to the old ways now…

    Maxi – How they get home is their problem. I was just trying to be kind. What are you saying sorry for?

  4. I found a purse at a checkout yesterday – I did the right thing too! Only I found the lady to give it her back.
    Perhaps the pondering over it with pints led you to a more inventive solution?

  5. Feckin’ Foreigners!! They have da country ruined, you try to do a nice thing for them and they don’t even show proper thanks for it!!

    Feck em!!

  6. Remind me to staple my important documents to my forehead when I come to visit Ireland….being the dumb arse Canadian that I am 😉

  7. wouldn’t the normal thing to do have been to hand it in to the bar?
    I’d be pissed off if some clueless c*** thought that sending all my travel documents and passports to another country was helping.

  8. Welcome Welshman! Pullit is the barman, owner and chief bottlewasher in the pub, so if he handed it into the bar, he’d only be giving it to himself, so he gave it to me instead. As for the Canadians being pissed off; they are damned lucky we didn’t do the usual thing, where they would have ended up meeting their ancestors in the local landfill.

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