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  1. Hey. Nice departure from shooting tourists. Lovely. . . Beautiful place . . no wonder you love it so much!

  2. Well, if she’d made a fortune, best have her back. LOL

    Love those photos–thank you for sharing! I wanna go France!!

  3. Baino – I haven’t mentioned shooting tourists for ages. What are you on about?

    Robert – Unfortunately, the photograph doesn’t do them justice. They are enormous!!

    Susan – I was tempted to leave her there, but I knew she would spend all the cash without sending any home.

    TT – They are steel now. It must be a while since you were there? I quote:

    Then in our time, the famous architect Jean Nouvel, once a local child, endowed the entrance with huge steel doors over 50 feet tall, 13 feet wide, and weighing almost 8 tons each, to mark the passage of the city from the past into the 21st century.

    Sixty – More? You all must be getting bored with France by now?

  4. Love those little continental towns that are all character and style, little windy narrow streets, nice normal non-touristy feel to them (ok, excepting the odd Irish pick-pocket), makes you wanna just sip a nice cappocinno on a pavement cafe and watch life being lived. Ahhhhh, feeling all noice and warm now 🙂

  5. Going on 30 years since I was down that way. I keep meaning to get back over there and do the barge boating thing on the Canal du Midi, Entre deux Mers etc.
    Quiet out there today. People watching Man U on TV as I am, or is everybody mourning Twenty ?
    If you should quit we will really be fucked.

  6. Welcome Dublin! [you got caught in moderation…] If yours weighed 8 tons, you’d have erectile problems.

    Charmed – France is full of those and you never feel like you’re in a tourist trap. Sarlat is in a league of its own though.

    TT – I’d say [apart from the doors] it has changed very little. It is one of the beautiful things about the place. I noticed it was quiet today too. I have seen other make the same comment. Is there something I should know?

  7. What a lovely place – I love old buildings….. Can’t believe you spent time in that gorgeous town planning dire deeds like that though!!!

  8. Kate – If you love old buildings, you’d be in heaven in Sarlat. It has nothing else but old buildings.

  9. Very nice – Where I now work is in an old part of Leicester – not developed yet but it won’t be long. At ground level there are many scruffy shops but look up to the tops of the buildings and move back in time for once these were the houses of very important and wealthy people.

    I think its such a shame that they will be knocked down to make way for yet another monstrocity. But hey, that’s progress!!!

  10. Kate – The great thing about Sarlat is that it is a triving town. They have managed to incorporate the modern businesses into the existing buildings with amazing sensitvity. If Sarlat were in Ireland, the entire centre would have been razed long ago to build modern office blocks. It’s not progress – it’s capitalism and shortsightedness.

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