The man who married a cow — 15 Comments

  1. She doesn’t need to learn – you just need to help her out a bit instead of leaving her in the dark?? Or on the floor as the case may be!!!

  2. I could make some jokes about yourself, herself and a Frenchman going into the kitchen for a spit roast, but I’ll leave it.

    Heh, beef cylinders.

  3. Kate – She has to learn by herself. She’s old enough now…

    Maxi – Thanks. You are very considerate.

  4. That’s pretty cute- I take it your wife does not appreciate Silence of the Lambs?

    Anthony Hopkins he’s a nice man from Wales- if he does another installment of the Hannibal Lector films he could eat Charles and Camilla- then we wouldn’t be bothered by those two on the tabloids here anymore…

  5. Michelle – So that’s where those two went! All we get is that waste of space Beckham cluttering up things.

    Wolfy – No. I don’t eat kebabs.


    French Teachers everywhere should print this one off for whenever they need to justify their jobs to Nonbelievers.

    I hope Herself didn’t suffer any permanent damage from the shock or knock to the floor.

  7. “So that’s where those two went! All we get is that waste of space Beckham cluttering up things.”

    We have Posh & Becks here too- they live here now… I don’t know why everyone goes on about her- she looks like a dirty q-tip.

  8. Susan – A person who doesn’t believe in languages? 😮 Herself is grand. She does that kind of thing all the time.

    TheChrisD – I don’t know. Boef = Wife? They are similar?

    Michelle – A dirty q-tip is the best description of that waster I have ever heard!! It’s a classic. 🙂

    Flirty – Good grief. I haven’t even started yet?!!

  9. Oh I enjoyed that, particularly the ‘Herself on roof’ bit.

    The French, I found on my travels this summer gone, are nowhere near as rude as they’re made out to be. It’s a very French rudeness, their equivalent to Irish indifference.

    Or something. I still have this poxy cold.

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