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  1. Don’t worry I won’t be calling you. Last time I did all I got was a gravelly voice on the other end asking me what I was wearing and if I’d been a bad boy.

    For shame.

  2. I suppose this is true of many countries where the people are poor. I have seen it in Mexico . You are browsing a geneal store and come across “large” cell phones for sale and realise they are models we all discarded/replaced 15 ? years ago. Talk about “Life on Mars.” Very strange feeling. Did you get that BBC series in Ireland by the way. The U.S. copy opens here next month.

  3. -dear God man, its the 21st Century version of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. You will be seeing pods very soon; throw the damn thing at a tourist and run like hell!

  4. TT – Are you suggestion that Ireland is a Third World country? You could be right. Though we did see ‘Life on Mars’. I enjoyed the first series….

    John O – D’you think so? Should I pack it with Semtex first?

  5. The one I won did all that as well.

    Until some motherfucker stole it a week after it arrived.

  6. Grandad,
    Went to Gravitar to add an image, thought I better since we are now talking about invasions and body snatchers, oh well just another day in paradise. (and who is responsible for the damn parking lot?)

  7. Kate – Of course I’m hearing voices. It wouldn’t be much use as a phone if I didn’t?

    TT – Why don’t you spend a month in Ireland some day?

    John O – Also extremely plentiful in this part of the country. Every damned rabbit hole is stuffed with the stuff since the cease-fire.

    Bock – Serves you right for getting pissed. At least you know the thief is getting all the calls now?

    John O – So you do have a face? As for Paradise, you could always get a taxi out?

  8. ah not a good one but it works in a pinch, and as for the taxi, I’m afraid it would be driven by a towel-head and I would never come back!

  9. What is this?
    Some sort of Radio Telegraph with voices?
    Science Fiction, I tell ya’!
    Next you’ll be tellin’ me that folks all over the world will be able to communicate with each other in the blink of an eye.
    Ha! Hogwash!
    Haha next you’ll be tellin’ me that man can fly!

  10. Too many offers of work? Send some of them my way! Like many others at the moment, I am newly unemployed self-employed and could do with some contract work. Pity I don’t do the stuff you do….

  11. Ah crap, Bock, did some git really steal your phone!!! Typical, there’s no point in having facny stuff coz someone’s just gonna steal it. Now, I must admit I’m completey lost on the semtex / life on mars stuff but I do still have my first mobile – a brick with 9 hours standby. I thought I was so cool, but was prob just a geek git. Boo Hoo.
    PS – any more frenchy stories??

  12. John O – Did you ever think of upgrading your face? Everything seems to be ‘upgradable’ these days?

    Brianf – I thought you weren’t due for release for another couple of weeks? Go back to sleep. You’ll feel better.

    TT – Several months in Ulster? You poor poor man. That explains a lot.

    Karyn – It’s OK. I don’t do the stuff I do either. I’m sending over a container with the files, and I have found how to redirect all my calls. 😈

    Charmed – You want more Frenchy stories? I thought people would get bored of them?

  13. I’ll try not to phone you… Although I’m not we even had each other’s number in the first place…

  14. thought about it, but I don’t have the $’s it would take to make any kind of improvement so here I am, warts and all!

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