Liars — 23 Comments

  1. Maxi – Are you casting nasturtiums?

    Kate – I’ll think about it for a while. I’ll get back to you [as they say].

    NaRocRoc – Thank you [assuming *beep* = ‘friend’?]

  2. TheChrisD – I wouldn’t inflict such a horror on you. you don’t know what you might catch. Anyway they are a shower of liars too. Just ask the Minister for Poverty Finance.

  3. You know how it goes…bring your car to the mechanic and the thing stops making that crunching sound every time the right front tire goes round. Soon as you make 2 miles down the road, the crunching comes back.

    You go away and it’s nothing but lousy weather (or that’s just how your friends felt with you gone) and that’s all they complain about. You come home and all the lousy weather goes away and everyone’s happy again.

    Enjoy it and don’t think for one minute it really has anything to do with you. 😀

  4. Kirk M – So what you are saying is that the weather here was fine all along? They just felt like it was wet and miserable because I wasn’t around? Hmm. You could be right.

  5. Oh yeah, I once cast a nasturtium and damn if I didn’t catch me a big old cod with it. Went back to the bait shop for more and the guy told me he stopped selling those nasturtiums for bait when folks started smoking ’em instead. Made better profit that way.

  6. Kirk M – The first thing you should do with anything is to try smoking it.

    Maxi – Try it. It’s fun. Just make sure they are shorter than you.

    Michelle – It’s a lot better than natting casties.

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