Damn, Blast, Bother, Knickers and Spit — 8 Comments

  1. That makes two of us who can’t think. I’ve been shocked into numbness by the fact that the sun is splitting the stones outside!

  2. Grandad,
    Keep your brain in neutral for a while, its good for the transmission! Maybe you are not in neutral but rather renewed and all of the old b.s. has been blown out of the pipes and you will be purring like a kitten on the road of life, ah but I digress

  3. Take a holiday to recover from your holiday. Then take a holiday to recover from that holiday, and …

  4. I’ve been like that for ages – it takes a holiday to make me liven up!!! Roll on November!
    Give it time Grandad – you’ll soon get back on track when something winds you up!!

  5. Oh, Grandad, don’t knock it. Some of us LIVE in that haze. It can be quite pleasant once you’re used to it, as long as you remember to …um….


  6. Robert – I did promise to bring some back as a present for you all? Have you forgotten so quickly?

    John O – That is a horrible thought! Are you saying I could have had all the nastiness washed out of me? *shudder* It is a precondition of my age that I be grumpy….

    Jim C – I’ll drink to that. 🙂

    Kate – That is one of the things that worries me… Nothing has wound me up since I came back. I am getting very worried.

    Susan – Yup. Sounds to me like the same place. I think..

    Daddy P – There seems to be a lot of us in here?

  7. Yup…you’ve been on vacation alright. Take the advice of your friends and enjoy the sensation. It will end soon enough and then you can get back to the business of shooting tourists, giving advice to the government, writing your book, blogging, etc-etc-etc.

    You know…the good life.

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