First night nerves — 10 Comments

  1. I heard that all the satellite voice navigation work had been subcontracted to India. I personally thought it would be better to get pygmies, you can fit more of them in the satellites.

  2. Jim C – Roger is very Public School British. Maybe they remove their arms and legs?

    Kate – One thing about France – there are always loads of skips around the place. They are very tidy as a nation.

  3. Will every holiday tale involve an annoying Englishman…that quickly becomes a potential / actual victim? If so, I await next post and have cancelled my evening plans….

  4. E Mum – As I write, Herself is pottering in the garden and our new addition is vacuuming the floors. Herself will find a use for any female I may collect.

    Susan – I think we have all *met* that man, many times.

    Spag Hoop – Much as I would love to say yes, I’m afraid their numbers diminished as I headed south. They were at their most annoying on the north coast and the routes to the Channel ports. I met surprisingly few in the three weeks, and only heard one Irish accent [at a distance].

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