Dense fog, dense people — 15 Comments

  1. Well, strictly speaking I’m a brit (despite 29 years in Ireland) but with attitudes like that he deserves the couple of pegs he’ll have been taken down.

    How the feck did he get on the wrong ferry? I can only assume that he ignored the instructions and went into the wrong numbered lane. Did he miss the magic show and kids disco that they put on for the sailings to France?

    Oh, what’s the new ferry like, or were you on the old one?

  2. In Rosslare, the two ferries are berthed side by side. Not an easy mistake to make, but obviously possible!

    Thrifty – I’ll be banging up a series of scrawls over the next few days setting out my little frolics abroad. I’ll do a piece on the Oscar Wilde in due course [if I feel like it…].

  3. Wonderful!!! And to think if you’d gone a second or two later – you might never have met – you would probably have heard him as you disembarked though!

  4. dang i hate it when you make me go drag out the maps and things! more you say? I guess I’ll have to keep the maps spread out so i’ll know what you’re giggling at 🙂 oh, and i think i forgot to say…Welcome Back! there’s order in my universe now.

  5. Andrew – Out of resect for my English readers, I didn’t mention that I did actually follow up on your suggestion. I don’t know if he managed to swim to Land’s End.

    Susan – Smoking has lots of benefits!

    TheChrisD – Not half as much as he deserved what happened after.

    Eolaí – It would have been nice to have been there as he drove off on the wrong side of the road, but I didn’t think of that. Next time?

    Kate – No relation of yours then?

    Prin – Rosslare = bottom right hand corner of Ireland. Roscoff = top left hand corner of France. England = that useless lump of rock in between the two.

  6. ‘Respect for my English readers’ har de har! I must say, I’d be tempted to follow him (not over the side, I mean just to see his face at the other end). Nice to have you back, oh hairy wonder. I’ve missed your Irish shite. LOL.

  7. “I’ve missed your Irish shite”. Now, if that’s not a helluva compliment I dont know what is! How did the brit git (hey, that rhymes) manage to get Landsbridge out of Dordogne? He was obviously doing the straight line walk. Looking forward to hearing all about the french frollicking 🙂

  8. Oh it was definitely a compliment. Although I don’t know why I bother when he’s describing my wondrous birthplace as a ‘useless lump of rock’.


  9. Ha, ha! Britannia certainly doesn’t rule the waves. The fact they have no sense of geography keeps that scenario impossiple. Welcome back, Grumpy.

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