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  1. How would I summise…

    I’ve not managed to get anyone pregnant, I got eaten by fleas in a Belgian knocking shop, my wife got burped on, and we’ve managed to get someone to agree to cut her open and root around in about 2 months.

    Oh, and I saw the new X-files film.

    Mmmm Scully.

  2. So you’re back-

    I just posted about dirty old vintage junk as usual, I posted a picture of my husband and I tonguing each other on another blog for no good purpose and my last post complained about nobody being able to afford smoking anymore etc… you would be proud of me or not.

  3. i doubt you have me in your reader but here goes…i’ve just been writing ’bout politics and getting spammed with opposing views with reasons why i am an uninformed idiot for thinking the way i do 🙂

  4. Welcome back sir. Nothing too interesting from me either. Usual mix of people, stuff and random thoughts. You know, nothing interesting!

    Glad you’re back to inspire! 😛

  5. Welcome Home – nothing much here – just my new job, old kitchen implements – drunk people dressing up the dog – load of old rubbish really!

  6. Welcome back! Nowt much happened in my world apart from some news that may involve travel.Here’s Hoping!

  7. Moderately sure you don’t read mine, so no, I didn’t post anything interesting or exciting. Actually my blog might not even exist. Except in my head.

  8. Ermm, nothing much happened on my end, other than I bothered to continue on with the meme you tagged me with…

  9. “Despite the best efforts of the French and Irish governments, I am back in Head Rambles Manor”

    Good damn thing too! Not only did I miss your ornery self but I kept hearing about some rather strange things happening in and about France and thought the French authorities might actually catch on as to who was the perpetrator.

    “my arse hurts and my head is fried”

    Sounds like you’ve been on holiday.

    Anyway, I’ve given the personal site an overhaul, a complete white wash (or green wash in this case and I’m still working on it) plus a “Weekly Special” page with a rather neat video. I actually won a contest of all things and am now the happy winner of a best selling eBook that’s going to tell me how to make my blog(s) an unbelievably wonderful place to go and a premium theme to boot. I don’t like the theme actually but then again I’ve never been accused in having any taste in those sort of things. I’ll just have to figure the thing out and wrap it around my tech site or something.
    Otherwise, I’ve been writing the usual idiotic drivel I always write. Remember sir, you asked.

    Welcome home.

    Hope all the fancy markup comes out alright.

  10. Thank you very much for all your suggestions and comments.

    I had a grand sleep for most of today [I wanted to leave Herself in peace while she did all the unpacking and tidying]. I then took note of your suggestions and then cleared down my reader. It has a little button called ‘Mark all as read’ which came in very handy.

    Brianf – No. Go back to sleep.

  11. not much…
    Tried to get going as an aggregator for Irish breast cancer posts (no one’s interested)
    Started to learn how to cook the books
    due to a scheduling mix up – I’m doing a masters
    have recruiters hunting me, and then ignoring me.
    getting a photowalk going and
    been fired off one play and am trying to get out of doing another.

    not much really… I just need a lie down

  12. Will – If you have been that busy, then I suggest you need a holiday?

    Maxi – Yes. Hmmmm. I have found from experience is that you may lose one or two friends, but apart from that you would fit in very well up here in the mountains.

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