You won't catch me that easily — 11 Comments

  1. Ah, poor Grandad. I’ve express-mailed you the keys to my chateau in Anjou, ancestral home you know, no bother. You can hole up there as long as you like; the Samoan bodyguards are much friendlier than they look and will keep you safe.

    Mwah, mwah!

  2. Thanks, Susan. D’you mean the Anjou region? I can be there in about two hours [can’t be too precise – would give my location away]. Or do you mean in the south? I’d like that…

    I speak Samoan better than I speak French so that should be OK?

  3. Not to worry, the directions are posted with the keys.

    Oh, and by the way…not a word to the Husband about my ‘boys’, eh?

  4. They’re hunting you down because they’re sick of my temporary teeth-achingly pink blog. I have glitches… big ones! – have pity and come home…pweeeeeease???

  5. The new Google satellite is currently scanning looking for the shadow cast by a certain pipe. Once located they will send cars with 360 degree cameras on top.

  6. We’ve missed having our daily laugh from the Irish end of things. I don’t think they much appreciate you over there. We’ll be happy to have you back and something good to read everyday! 🙂

  7. E Mum – You are the one who is supposed to be finding a new design!!

    TheChrisD – Ha! So I have just heard. Am I psychic or what!

    Jim C – Maybe I should hide somewhere where there is no sun? Like Ireland?

    Kate – Who needs restful? It’s fun!

    Tricia – You could be right. Who says I am going to write every day though?

    Maxi – Tough shit.

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