Guess who's coming to dinner — 20 Comments

  1. I have to admit that’s the finest damn meme answer I’ve ever read.

    You’re so right about Jesus…between the wine and the resurrecting, he’s indispensable. You can enjoy the O’Donnell strangling over and over again.

    I think you should think about Jane Austen, myself. She was by all accounts very sharp and witty, and she was pretty. AND single. And by now she’d be worth a fortune with all her books still in print after 200 years. AND young women in those days didn’t bother too much with the ol’ underwear thing underneath their nightgown-y dresses. Hey hey.

    I might have to crash that party…

  2. Susan – I hadn’t thought of the possibility of multiple strangling. It appeals. 😈

    The main reason I rejected Jane Austin is that it was Herself who suggested her, and I can’t have that. Herself has to know who is boss. You make some excellent points though…… Hmmmmm.

  3. Good list. I think we’ll have to merge all our parties into one big blow out. Pat Kenny can’t come though!

  4. Maxi – After meming me, you are lucky to be alive. I’d squeeze you in between Podge and Rodge but I couldn’t trust you not to play footsie with Lucy.

    Lottie – Why no Pat??? As Susan suggested, we could keep killing him and resurrecting him. It would be great gas. Maybe we could hold a marquee dinner on Gorse Hill?

  5. Grandad,

    It’s very odd to see your name appearing alongside Le Tricolore, one almost feels like bursting into a rendition of the Marseillaise!

  6. You could just get a plank as the appearance fee for Pat is pretty high – am sure no one would notice the difference.

  7. “As Susan suggested, we could keep killing him and resurrecting him.”

    Damn you Grandad, I hate being made laugh out load in front of colleagues!

  8. Flirty – If The Plank expects to be paid to dine at my place he can fuck off. He’s the one who should pay for the pleasure.

    Andrew – Serves you right for reading this when you should be working. Incidentally – ‘laughing out load’? Is that a typo, or did something disgusting really happen?

    Raptureponies – Who is Maxi Cane?

  9. After desert you could always send Pat out to try and claim some of the neighbours garden, then again you probably end up forking out.

  10. Welcome Wolfie! A new blog on the scene???

    I already tried the landgrabbing bit by shifting fences in the night but the bastards got an injunction against me. Why can’t they just live and let live?

  11. Dammit!!

    I still can’t get my head ’round the fact that you just continued a meme (let alone post anything at all) on your blog WHILE ON HOLIDAYS! That’s dedication.

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