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  1. GD
    of course you care… i give you eh.. the boat journey?!! before you next post. you love us all too much. Plus you will want to stop by [and darrens site but of course] to see what new on the pampering front!!

    tenner says

  2. Peter – I shall, of course miss my hourly visit to but no matter how much that pains me, a man has gotta do what a man’s gotta do. As for the rest of you………..

  3. Oh, it looks so warm and sunny and absolutely gorgeous.

    Excuse me now, while I go have a tantrum about it for my husband’s benefit…

    meanwhile, Bon Voyage Grandpere! Amusez-vous bien!

  4. Grandad, I’m sure we will all enjoy tour holiday. I, for one, am really looking forward to it.

  5. When you get back, I would love to know if the place ACTUALLY looks like it does in the pictures.

    I think it’s a trap. Better arm yourself just in case.

  6. Susan – Merci beaucoup!

    Stipes – I will take that as a personal insult. Luckily for you I have a thick skin. You will miss me, and I guarantee you will be screaming for more from Head Rambles long before I return. Withdrawal is not an easy or glib matter.

    Cranky – I will be bringing the camera, and doubtless will take one or two photos, if it stops raining long enough. I hope to write about my little adventures on my return.

  7. @stipes theres always the crabbling otter blog – where is that legend Darren recently… over at i suppose!!

  8. theres always the crabbling otter blog

    OY!! May your armpits be infested with greenfly and may your extremities suffer from black spot. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  9. Ahhh, la France… le soleil… le bon vin et le fromage… thought I’d get you used to the language as an aperitif, so to speak ๐Ÿ™‚ We will wait patiently, looking out at the rain, collecting rain indeed, and thinking of all the tourists suddenly swarming around Ireland unimpeded. Or are you leaving someone in tourist chasing duty?

  10. well…you better get to writing then, before you go so we won’t have to go through complete withdrawal…i’d hate to have to come hunt you down and interrupt your holiday just to get my fix…

  11. Good for you Grandad thinking ahead and all.. Nice little bonus in September when the rest of the world (with children I mean) return to the sanity of having peace in their houses for a couple of hours. It looks lovely. (France I mean, not the prospect of having the house to myself, although that looks lovely too..). Bon Voyage. While you’re gone I’ll be getting back into a blessed routine and starting to have a little life again and maybe a few minutes a day to write..

    Have a great time ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. no worries there – turns out we all forgot we’d booked a holiday in a cottage in France as well – and it looks like the one in yer photo above.

    see you there – I’ll bring a notepad so you can write stuff and we can read it.

    …or did I dream it.

  13. The photographs of those biscuit tin lids have come out extremely well onscreen I must say.

  14. You never heard of laptops? I shall be expecting a daily travel log and report. (Pssst…No need to include anyone else.) Bon voyage mon vieux. A bien tot.

  15. A bientot, hairy one. Have a jolly trip. We’ll miss you beaucoup until you come back.

    [Hmmm…I wonder how you get those little accent thingies on this keyboard….]

    Bonnes vacances! xxx

  16. Cathy – The Irish Tourist Shooting Association never sleeps. Others will fly the flag in my absence.

    Prin – If you think I’m going to sit here for the next couple of days writing twenty to thirty articles just to keep you lot amused, think again…..

    Tricia – Are you claiming that I am distracting you from writing? Or are you blaming the children? I’d put my money on the children.

    Kae – I know my fans would think like that. That is why I put up a false photograph. I hope you all enjoy your holiday in Basra.

    Sixty – I’m still present. For now….

    Spaghetti – Don’t knock holidaying in a biscuit tin. At least we can float off if there are floods.

    TT – I shall be bringing the laptop, as I need somewhere to store photographs. Have you not heard of Interweb Connections? I won’t have one….

    Peter – Please put those socks back on. The smell is killing me.

    E Mum – Hold down Ctrl and Alt, and then hit the vowel [a becomes รก]. That’ll give you an acute accent. I could tell you how to get a grave accent, but then I’d have to kill you.

  17. I’m going to hack in and invade your page, stick a flag in it and claim it as part of Maxiland.

    If the vacancy is still open for Minister of blogging when you get back, I’ll see you for an interview.

  18. Maxi – Piss off. I am in the process of mining the server, so any attempt at hacking will result in you meeting your seventy virgins or however many it’s supposed to be.

  19. Have a good holiday grandad. Leaving the Dutch city myself this friday, for the Scottish mountains, och aye the noo! (Whatever that means). You’ll probably have better weather than me but I’m looking forward to the highland views and fresh air! Take care. xx

  20. Well absence is supposed to make the heart grow fonder . . then again, out of sight, out of mind. Maybe you’d better write a few advance posts to ensure you’re still in virtual existence upon your return. Pretty cottage by the way . . .for a moment, I thought it might be Headrambles Manor then I saw the sunshine!

  21. Geri – I’ve never been to Scotland, which is strange as it sound like my sort of place [full of mountains]. I expect a full report.

    TT – I have better things to be doing.

    Baino – No chance. Unless of course my server tries to stage a coup as it did last year, but I doubt that’ll happen this year. It has been warned. Surely you aren’t so fickle that you’d forget about me in a couple of weeks?

    Kate – Best of luck with the new job. Are you about to drop off the top of my Top Commentators list? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. What will I do while you’re gone?

    Save a couple of minutes each day not reading a new post each day… Other than that I can’t think of much…

    * goes back to massive 300-strong feed inbox backlog *

  23. Well I think it is time I gave someone else a chance don’t you?
    14 weeks off would have been a terrible time without my daily cheer up read.
    Have a good time and bring me back some sunshine!

  24. Popeye – There are too many of them already.

    TheChrisD – 300 sites at two minutes each is ten hours. Do you have a life?

    Kate – I hope to be back in less than 14 weeks. It depends on the weather.

    Flirty – Jayzus!!! I told you not to say anything in public.

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