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  1. She didn’t say something like this, by any chance: “Faites attention, votre voisin est un type qui s’appelle Grand-PΓ¨re, et qui n’aime pas beaucoup les touristes”. Because that might be a problem.

  2. @cathy translation?

    @kieron me too!

    @GD it *could* be an interesting holiday – you’ll be there – maybe ‘diverse’ would be more appropriate.

    and dont forget to bring the golf clubs to whack to doggie lumps into the neighbours lawn!!

    when are you gone?
    peter πŸ˜‰

  3. Euro – you’ll know you’re being ripped off alright when you return home….

  4. Cathy – It would be interesting to meet an autre Grand-PΓ¨re. I have international immunity, by the way and have already applied for holiday membership of the local club there.

    Peter – I’m leaving the dog at home to mind the place. No point in bringing the clubs if there is no ammunition? Back in three or four weeks. Maybe.

    Geri – That’s fine by me. It’s time I expanded my property portfolio.

    Spaghetti – One damn good reason why I might not come back!

  5. That’s just weird! my post for today is called; speken zee inglis, just too weird I tell ya!

  6. Roy – Do you want to write up this site while I’m away. You know what I’ll be thinking?

    TheChrisD – One habit I have is that i get confused between Irish and French and start talking Frailge [or is it Grench?].

    BBB – I am in my arse. The only reason I’d go there is if it were on the way to somewhere else.

  7. I got a great laugh today out of all the plans you’ve made for your trip Grandad. As for the French lady, maybe she thinks you are switching houses with you – you know one of those “getting to know another culture” things. Better prepare your dog and tutor him in French. Thanks for my daily smile. Funny thing is, Bush doesn’t have the same effect when I hear him speaking. πŸ™‚

  8. all the franglish has me confussed and congfused: IS poor lil Sandy to be abandoned for the duration? What on earth (on the French bit ot it) do ya want a dayglo jacket for? Is the wedding to the daughter to be in France or Oirland, and how does herself feel about it? Au revoir and bonne vacances.

  9. Poor Grandad…
    now you know how I feel ALL the time, living in rural Cavan.

    Smile and nod a lot, and

    Can’t wait to see your suntan!

  10. Tricia – It will be interesting if she tries a house swap – I gave a false address, out of habit. She’ll end up knocking on some unfortunate’s door expecting a free holiday.

    Peter – You’ll survive.

    Charmed – Apparently the DayGlo is in case i have a breakdown. Though how a luminous jacket is supposed to help my nerves, I don’t know. Sandy expressed a desire for some time alone so she is staying here. K8’s wedding? Ask her. I’m only the father.

    Spag Hoop – No. I’m still here. And you’ll have to get past Sandy 😈

    Susan – I didn’t know they all spoke French in Cavan? I’ll show you the tan if I can get past the decency laws.

  11. So it is possible to get you into Lourdes?

    You’re made have a bath with a load of continetal european sick people.

  12. Maxi – Which daughter? Mine or hers?

    BBB – No. I don’t believe in baths, with or without sick people. They are unhealthy.

  13. I am always super impressed with other Oirish Folk who can speak another language with any fluency.

    I went to France last year and after a few days of clutching my phrase book tightly to my eyeballs I felt confident enough to ask for some tickets from a station clerk.

    I marched confidently up to him and with my est French accent I asked “deux billets por favor”. He wasn’t impressed.

  14. Well -I have to admit that even after years of study – rapid fire Spanish confuses the hell out of me – its ok face to face ‘cos they can tell from your expression that you didn’t understand and either say it again slowly or give up!!
    I only use the phone for rants – say what I’ve got to say – put the phone down and wait for action!!!!

  15. Announcement:

    RAVE @ Grandad’s, Sat 30th August till 6th September

    BYOB (and tent)

    See eirtel pg 556 for details!

    Drugs welcome.

  16. I see no details of a rave on that page…

    I see the Bus Eireann timetables for buses leaving Galway…

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