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  1. Maybe they told everyone who did not have anything intelligent or orginal to say to shut up? That would reduce web traffic by a large degree. In fact there may only a small hand full of us left.

    If the lack of spam is bothering you I’ll be glad to use your e-mail address on a few web sites…

  2. i’ve noticed this too, grandad. i think i had 5 visitors yesterday. it started at the beginning of the summer and i chalked it up to it just being summer and people were just busy. but now schools are back in and the routine should be getting back to normal. maybe all those that thought they had something to say have actually run out of stuff to chew on. i actually blame the “readers” for traffic’s downfall. i think people are only visiting the site if they want to comment on something they have read in their reader. most people can see better than i can and read an entire post in those damn things. or hell maybe the blogging phenomenon has just had it’s go? i don’t think you have to worry though…anyway that’s my ramblings about the subject…

  3. All the blogs gave up after they realised I perfected the artform.

    Yeah I said artform!

  4. Everyone’s inside out of the floods watching the Olympics, apart from your good selves!!! Er, Prin – the schools are back in – noooooooooooooo!! It’s the middle of August 🙁
    Grandad, did you ever get the planning permission – lots of free ones around the place now

  5. Bloody hell! I have a nap because things are so quiet, and come back to this?

    NaRocRoc – I don’t need an excuse to drink a pint in Mulligans. I need an excuse not to.

    Jim – There are still a couple of sites out there still pumping out their inane rubbish [and I won’t name names]. You can keep your spam, thanks.

    Prin – You could be right about the readers. I confess I am a feed reader rather than a blog reader, but then I have subscribed to about a hundred blogs and I couldn’t visit them all personally. I just noticed – I have nearly as many visitors so far today as I did all yesterday!

    BBB – And where is this famous artform?

    Thrifty – I’m not feeling rapturous. I’ll believe you when the horsemen pass by on the road.

    Charmed – Are there people actually watching those Olympics? From the little I have seen on the news [and that’s the exciting bits] they are as interesting as watching a nettle grow. Planning permission is in the bag [along with the cash]. I’m waiting for all my neighbours to finish building before I start. Just when they think life is peaceful – I start blasting. 😈

  6. I just haven’t been around this weekend to post that’s all.

    Well, that and my site having a 500 error…

  7. Hey Grandad

    It’s quiet over here because they’re waiting for Hurricane “Fay” to hit South Florida. Not that I live there, but my husband is on his way there on a business trip. My friends have been missing in action too – but that’s only because we’re all up to our eyeballs trying to control our children who’ve been out of school exactly nine weeks now. I swear it’s a plot by the government to drive us moms over the edge of sanity..

    Hope I helped your traffic a bit. Enjoy the rain. 🙂

  8. TheChrisD – Now that you’re back, does that mean I will return to my normal 1,200 visitors a day?

  9. Tricia – You can have Fay as soon as we have finished with her in Ireland. And controlling children is no problem. Have you not got a cellar?

  10. I remember working in a telephone exchange in the 70’s. Whenever someone called in with a bomb threat – the whole place was evacuated except for the telephonist that took the call and one engineer who was tracing it. I was that telephonist once – it was very scary with only the terrified engineer to talk to.

    I’m still here Grandad!!!!

  11. Yeah, Fay isn’t a hurricane it’s a tropical storm. Lots of rain and 35-60 mile an hour winds. Sound familiar Grandad?

  12. Surely there cannot be two different types of perfect… cos as it is such an unobtainable concept?
    …yet I’ve obtained it.

    1200? How is it I’ve more subscribers than views?

  13. Kate – You must admit it’s great fun wondering which second you are going to be blasted to eternity? I lost count of the bomb hoaxes, and we had about ten real scares in the years I was in that Godforsaken building. I hated the place.

    TT – Sounds very familiar. This entire country is under ten feet of water at the moment. When is Summer going to arrive?????

    BBB – I wouldn’t know about perfection. I surpassed it years ago.

  14. I am going to a Florida beach for a week in a couple of weeks time. Betchya life that’s when a serious huricane will hit. Probably Hurricane Osama.

  15. Yes, GD we do have a ‘cellar’, but it’s known as a basement here and it’s filled with children’s toys – so not much of a punishment you know? Maybe I’ll ship them over to Ireland to our relatives for a week or two… 🙂

  16. BBB – Superperfect.

    TT – As long as it isn’t Hurricane McCaine?

    Tricia – Does it matter what you call it as long as it’s soundproof and lockable? You’re welcome to send them to your relatives…

  17. Good idea on the marina,i have advised my son as we are 12 miles from the ocean and in a couple of years will be oceanfront to build the boat dock now.

  18. Xbox – Are you sure you’re in the right place?

    BBB – I can understand a mere mortal like yourself having problems with the concept of superperfection. It’s a bit like trying to understand infinity or the mind of a woman.

  19. Hello Grandad! I’ve never commented here before, but had to answer this one. It’s not just the blogs… I have a couple of amateur art accounts and those have gone strangely quiet too. Usually people are posting their own works; commenting; writing journals… One is a big site, so the quietness is particularly noticeable.

    I suspect most of my correspondents are sleeping when I’m checking my messages, and vice versa. 🙂 Things seem to wake up a little just as I’m headed off for the night.

  20. Hello, Diddums, and welcome to the Manor!
    I suspect that the fact that it’s holiday season may have something to do with it? Having said that, as soon as I published this, the phone started ringing with people looking for work and traffic to the site shot up. I can’t win. My quiet peaceful life is shattered and all because of a miserable blog post!

    *sigh* 🙁

  21. Well, I hope that’s a good sign for those art sites. (Has a quick look). Hmm, 14 pictures and 6 messages waiting. That’s a bit better but not much. The magic hasn’t spread yet. 🙂

  22. Hah! I’m back in the doldrums today. Few visitors to the site [relatively speaking] and no phone calls. All the customers who were in a panic yesterday have gone to ground. 🙄

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