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  1. Sorry Grandad, but you advertised him a bit too good. I, being the official and frequent not-yet-populating-the-spam-list reader, demand his comments here.
    I have the right to read them!

  2. The mental institutions have been closed here and the inmates are all on the loose – scarey isn’t it?

  3. Jedrzej – Sorry. No chance. If I let even one of his comments through he’ll start posting his insane philosophies all aver the gaff. If it makes you feel any better, I’ll pass on the better ones.

    Kate – It’s the same here. They walk out of the loony bins and straight to the nearest keyboard so they can comment on my site. *sigh*

  4. The problem with most insane comments, and the root cause of 80% of computer problems can be found somewhere between the keyboard and the chair.

  5. Well, I assumed that the reality of the situation was that you most likely used the charm you try to deny to have to ask the warden if you could just pop in to collect your glasses as you had no change and would only be a moment, and that your post was in fact a humerous revision of the facts.

    That’s what I assumed, cos that’s what I probably would have done.

    Why would anyone be paranoid enough to assume that you were some sort of evil deceit merchant out to deny civil servants their return of work. How paranoid is that chap? Why oh why does he waste his time abusing people he disagrees with? Why not just (metaphorically) walk away? Too much time on his hands I suppose. Is it Victor Meldrew?

  6. Yes, it would make me feel better.
    You see, my point is not to be taking a piss of the nutcase spammer. I know they are boring. But sometimes in my life I meet people who are so entirely and unbelievably wrong in everything they say and think that they could serve as a perfect examples, a guidance: how not to live, what not to think. This guy seems like he may be one of them.

  7. Unfortunately, there a lot of sad people out there that don’t seem to have anything better to do with their time and lives. I always moderate my blog because I started getting critisism on my views of parenting and the way I do things. It’s my blog and again, it gets back to that freedom of speech thing. But, that said there are those are just not sane. They need to feed their egos by being critical and hurtful. Most of all WHERE IS THEIR SENSE OF HUMOUR? I mean that post about the traffic warden was just plain funny. Are you telling me the man would be happy if he got a ticket? Sigh*** 🙂

  8. I rarely ever have to moderate comments these days. With the exception of new visitors to my blog, they all get caught by Akismet.

  9. Thrifty – You are near the mark, but not quite on it! Yer Man is worse than Victor Meldrew, in that he has a strange agenda which he keeps on about.

    Jedrzej – Normally I leave them in peace, but this bloke is so off the wall that he deserves a quote. He lives in a very strange world of his own which would be really funny if he didn’t take it so seriously.

    Tricia – You have hit the bullseye. WHERE IS THEIR SENSE OF HUMOUR! Indeed. Some people would watch Fawlty Towers and report them to the authorities..!

  10. ah jeez, what a tool. he is not from dublin by any chance is he? most of those types are

  11. “I will block a comment if it is obviously from a nut case.”
    So when you start blocking mine, there’s a one-in-three chance that I need psychiatric help?

  12. Dankoozy – Be fair. There are one or two sane people in Dublin but their days are numbered.

    Kae – You have. I have put the entire comment up. Maybe I should ask him to do a guest post?

    BBB – I think that would be a case of ‘too little; too late’. Have you thought of trying a lobotomy?

    Bock – Good thinking, but either he can’t spell, he’s using an American spell-checker or he watches too much television [my money is on the latter]. He’s Irish, God help us.

  13. I’d say the American spell-checker. Either that or he’s spending too much time on internet forums and in chat rooms talking to Americans…

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