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  1. Well, that or, as the woman did not alter her expression or even look as if she were about to speak – maybe they realised it was a wax figure and they should cut it before the Russians found out?

  2. Prin – I heard about that! I might try it sometime.

    Robert – Why do you think they are called Yanks?

    Maxi – Eeeewwwww!! That is disgusting.

  3. It would have been far more honest for them to have continued the feed and just had Condi just stand there with that silly ass smirk on her face.

    Problem with that, however, is:

    a) the current administration would have to HAVE a pair of balls, and;
    b) they would also have to have a CLUE.

    January 20th can not arrive too soon…

  4. Doc – Since when did a politician understand the concept of honesty? Our own here are just as bad, but maybe not quite on the same grand scale.

  5. Grandad,
    Didn’t know how to say this in any other forum, but you and we lost a great man, Ronnie Drew, God Bless him and peace to his family.

  6. John O – Sorry! I nearly missed your comment.

    Yes. Ronnie was a great icon for me. He was my inspiration in my youth to become a roving minstrel. A unique voice and a great character. He will be missed.

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