Grandad on the silver screen — 23 Comments

  1. I’m telling you that Michael Caine’s character in “Children of Men” must have been based on Grandad.

  2. Nice.

    Thanks Grandad, “working” at the moment, but I’ll get around to it later.

  3. It’s far tougher than you think isn’t it? I sat scratching my head (particularly as Kate had already stolen some good ones that were mine as well!!).

  4. My word, I don’t think I’ve ever been tagged for one of these things.. I’m all a’twitter.. I’ll see what I can do, GD.

  5. Maxi – When did work ever stop you?

    Keiron – You have a lot to answer for! I see The Goat is still doing the rounds.. They are good ones and I regretted my contribution to The Goat as I didn’t give it enough thought. Ah well..

    RhodesTer – Welcome to the club.

  6. Oh dear Grandad – Amy Winehouse? You may suffer for that – depending on the reason for choosing her…..

    @Keiron – what can I say – I could have chosen ones that would really upset you!

  7. The reason for choosing Amy Winehouse? The tattoos, of course. What other reason could there be?

  8. I’d be pretty hard pressed to find someone to fill my role…so thanks for not tagging me. 😉

    And woo-hoo!…thanks for adding me to your blog-roll! I’m truly honored!…I mean, I’m a just silly traveling bra…a Yankee to boot! (You have good taste in lingerie Grandad.) 😉

  9. Glad you didn’t tag me with this one. Stating that Tom Hanks in his “Forest Gump” character would be the most likely candidate to play me is not something I’d wish to get around.

  10. Olga – I would have thought there were plenty of Best Supporting Actresses out there?

    Kate – Does Amy Winehouse sing as well? Nobody tells me anything.

    Kirk M – There is nothing wrong with Tom Hanks/Forest Gump? I often wear a baseball cap when mowing the lawn. It has “ZEN Shooting Team” emblazoned on it, and I’m proud of it. Now if you had said Tom Cruise…..!!

  11. Amy Winehouse?!?! FUCK THAT!!!!!

    Cheeky baxter… think harder.

    I concur with your Homer Simpson, though I really do think that you need to meet Peter Griffin for he is even more appropriate. Family Guy Series 1 and 2 box-sets can be with you (on loan of course) for the low-low price of 2 night’s babysitting.

  12. K8 – That is fine language to be using on your daddy’s site?

    I couldn’t suggest Peter Griffin as he is only a fictional character [and a cartoon, at that].

    Two night’s babysitting? Yer Ma’s knackered; I’m bollixed and the dog is very poorly. When? Why? And you’d need to improve considerably on a couple of box sets. The outside of the house needs a coat of paint, as does the bedroom.

  13. Believe me, after just two episodes you’ll thank me profusedly and will be offering Sandy’s firstborn (or at least Bruno) for the rest of my stash.
    Oh, and babysitting is a right, not a privilege. *tsk*

  14. Ooops, I only just noticed that you tagged me now… my incoming links must still be sulking.
    It may take a few days to find my thinking head.

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