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  1. Every day we have something similar here with a moron in an ice-cream van. So f*cking annoying. If I ever see the damned thing parked I swear I’m going to let the air out of the tires.

  2. maybe it’s a sports day for kids whose parents not only can’t read, but don’t give a fuck about giving up their saturday for their kids sports day. There are no megaphones here up the side of the mountain. The brown bread and carrot are just made – all is good. Move further away from towns, I say.

  3. Kerryview – There are no megaphones here either. He is a long way away, but he is damn loud. I’m surprised you and Grannymar can’t hear him?

  4. Ohh dear, getting mutt & jeff with the advancing years. I wouldn’t hear a megaphone on saturday morns as I listen (!) to George Hamilton prattle on about his travels and eating experiences at my expense. So megaphone loudness is not a problem. Unless I’m at the office – “What’s that you say ? I’ll have another”. Which of course is not a problem.

  5. Dear oh dear – tantrums at your age? Don’t you remember being young and carefree?

  6. Xbox – One of the great joys of being old is I have a full licence to be a miserable aul git. It is actually part of the job description.

    Kate – Jayzus, I have enough problems remembering what I did yesterday!

    TT – I am no longer miserable. In fact I am happy. HAPPY!! It is pissing rain on them 😈

  7. I think last time I heard a megaphone was from all the way across the estate. Thankfully it wasn’t right outside our door.

    But one thing that does annoy me is the time when some Dunboyne GAA team won some trophy, and several people in card drove up and down the main street of the village honking horns, cheering and using those blooming megaphones.

    Alright we won, big fucking deal…

  8. Thats strange – its really hot here….. but then the sun usually shines on the righteous 😉

  9. Go on then – it will give me someone to blame!! It’s forecast for here too… so I’m taking Hippie over to my partner’s house for the night – she won’t panic so much if we’re there and her Mum’s off partying ….. oh to be 25 and know what I know now!!!!

  10. we used to have an ice cream van the traveled through our neighborhood twice(wtf!) a day screaming in this scratchy shrill female voice HELLO….HELLO…HELLO…HELLO the entire time it took them to get around our entire circle(usually at nap time)…now talk about wanting to blow something up…it must have gotten on everyone’s nerves because now they drive around with this god-awful tune…at least you can sort of sleep through that. what happened to the nice little tinkling tune that ice cream trucks used to have?

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