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  1. Shirts annoy me these days. I have bulky shoulders, not sure why, I just do, but most modern shirts of a fashionable turn take no account of this. So my immediate test of a shirt is to put it on and reach forwards with one or both arms (as if strangling someone of the same height). If the shirt does not try to rip down the middle of my back it passes, otherwise it get’s given back to the wife to return to the Next sale.

  2. Almost makes me glad I’m never completely fussy about what I wear. I just pick two things out of the wardrobe, or if all else fails, nip down to Cormac’s Sport and Leisure centre in the village and grab some new stuff. 🙂

    And I totally agree with you on the runners, Grandad. There’s a point where they stop being “cool”, and become just plain tacky.

  3. Thrifty – The great thing about being the age I am is that I don’t worry about fashion. I just wear anything that fits, and to hell with what it looks like. I’m always having rows with Herself over this, because she worries about things like “colour coordination”, whatever the heck that is.

    TheChrisD – Cool? What’s that? If it fits, wear it. Except when it looks plain stupid.

  4. Wanna borrow a kaftan Grandad? They don’t have pockets but I’m sure you would look lovely in purple!!!

  5. I believe the correct term for the girl in the bar is known as “a butterface”.


  6. Kate – Lack of pockets would put me completely off kaftans. That and the fact that with my beard, I would probably accidentally start a religious cult.

    Lottie – I hadn’t heard that one before! The only reason I showed her any disrespect was that she obviously thought she was God’s gift to men. I hate women like that. Just as I hate men who think they are God’s gift to women. [apart from me]

  7. Kate – You’d be more than welcome. I don’t know if I could cope with having fifteen Rolls Royces though…

  8. “I hate women like that. Just as I hate men who think they are God’s gift to women. [apart from me]”

    – Goes without saying.

  9. Peter – It takes years of apprenticeship. What do you want to be, anyway? Old?

  10. Butterface? As in butter wouldn’t melt? Or that her face looks like melted butter?

    What lot of things do you keep in your pockets, Grandad? Are they as mysterious as Margaret Thatcher’s handbag?

  11. Sam – I had to look it up myself. “She is gorgeous, butter face…..” 😉
    Please don’t mention my name in the same sentence as MT.
    As for what I have in my pockets? Change, keys, ammunition, tobacco, lighter and anything else I might think I’d need. I was in the Scouts..

  12. Trousers must have deep pockets. And you’ve got short arms? Killer not being able to stand a round, isn’t it?

  13. @Grandad: I think they say something is “cool” when it suits you really well.

    Either that or its the only adjective teenagers these days know…

  14. Sneezy – Yes. I spend a lot of my evenings standing around and buying drinks.

    TheChridD – That, and “Todally”, whatever the hell that means.

  15. Haha . . I think it’s funny that you and Thrifty have your clothes bought by your wives! Not trusted out on your own fellas? Fear of mismatching your checks and stripes perhaps? And as a wife and mother, I hate breast pockets because you always put your pens in them nib down and cause a nasty blue stain that simply will never come out!

  16. Baino – I can’t speak for Thrifty, but Herself has this spending thing. She loves disappearing for long periods and then reappearing with clothes for herself and me, that I don’t need. As for pens – that is one of the few things about me that doesn’t leak.

  17. Yeah, I’m with Grandad on this. Shopping involves deciding I need something. Going to a shop that stocks it. Paying for it (if I like the proprietor well enough) and leaving. My clothes don’t wear out very fast and my wife likes shopping, hence it rarely reaches the stage where I go and buy clothes.

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