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  1. I think I may have to avail of their services, given how tough actually doing the course is becoming.

    Oh, and how expensive it is. €1k a year just to register, €5k for residence, and then there’s the general expenses… 🙁

  2. I dno’t thnik I’m caepable at the moemnt – eihter taht or tehre is soemthnig worng wtih tihs kyebaord!

  3. I all time get ameils sailing me wais to make me penns bigger.
    But I right wit a small 1 adn it n’ver cauzd me troub le b4.


  4. LOL y’all are nuts this morning! Sign me mama would be so proud to have a doctor in the family 🙂

  5. Kate – Maybe you just can’t spel?

    Caxi – If you want, I can bild you a bigger penns? I can make then eny size.

    Prin – I wil send you there fone number.

  6. John O – Of coarse you can. You can have a partee.

    Caxi – I kant spel your adress.

  7. Why is ChrisD complaining about a lack of money? Did he not get a cash transfer from Mrs Eustace Goodwoman in Lagos?

    Why is spam about such a limited range of subjects?!

  8. TT – You are imitating us!

    Ian – TheChrisD always complains. Ignore him.

    Michelle – Both of us. Let’s have a party!!

  9. @Ian and Grandad: It’s part of who I am. Complaining just comes naturally to me 😛

  10. If you could stop the pounding headache I’ve got from a random stroll around Irish blogs this morning, I’d be grateful. Jaysis, there must be some cure for it.

  11. Darragh – You’ll have to give up those blogs. They are very bad for your health. Take two aspirin and go and browse a forum or two instead.

  12. Forums tend to be worse :-/

    The aspirin help – the antihistamines a little more so. Now to turn off the computer and start writing by hand.

    I suppose I owe you €50 now. I doubt you accept medical cards 😛

  13. Darragh – Can you not see that I have a univercity degrea? That will be €80 please.

  14. I managed to get rid of my Tribble problem on my own ………….. Dr Spock was a great help

  15. Lets see, i know what tribbles are, those little star trek critters but i am having trouble bipassing them.Guess i need one of those diplomas too.

  16. Daddy P – Do you mean Dr Spock or Mr Spock?

    June – You fancy a Doctoorate too? 😉

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