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  1. That exact same thing happened to me once.

    PC’s work and then stop working when I’ve forgotten to save a days work.
    They start working again when I’ve shit my self that everything is lost and make excuses to all and sundry.

    I don’t have a PC any more, I have a UCD student in my office. It makes weird sounds too and pretends to know everything. It does breakdown like a PC, but only around exam time or when the grant is late coming through, so I can usually time it, which is handy.

  2. 😀 – Sometimes a little bit of tenderness works. I find if I gently caress my office PC it works better.

    (My laptop gets jealous though.)

  3. Maxi – That sounds OK, but doesn’t it work its way through your private stash fairly quickly? And how does it respond to a swift kick?

    Darren – With all due respect, I think you need to get out more?

  4. Sounds quite similar to what happened to me. I had one of my memory cards plugged in to my computer and tried to move more files to it – and it crashed the computer.

    Since then the card is no longer recognised by the computer, and most of the info on the card has been lost 🙁

    I wonder if I should kick the card, and then it will work again and the data will be recovered?

  5. TheChrisD – Try kicking it. I think computers are like women – they respond well to a bit of physical abuse?

  6. I tried kicking it, but it resulted in a protest march. Fucking students.

    As for my private stash, there ain’t a man alive who could take that!

  7. Sounds to me that you have the perfect qualifications to be in IT. You could command a huge salary, kick a few PC’s, tell me to turn it of and on again …. !!!!

  8. god, you crack me up! i think all computers have an evil gremlin residing in them that just gets cranky pleasure from messing with us. well, i’m off to dante’s 8th circle of hell(wal-mart) in search of a cheap coffee maker. have a good one 🙂

  9. My computer hates me. It waits until I’m halfway through an online banking transaction then pisses off for a sandwich. I think I need you to come round and kick it. Next Thursday suit?

  10. It’s all down to these antivirus programs. You install them to annialate viruses and they start acting like viruses themselves and take over your comp and your sanity! Blub…I know, I’ve got the same battle at my end. Oh Lor Grandad, you don’t think my antivirus program has spread its evil tentacles over to your PC do you? If it has, please give it (the antivirus program) a damn good kicking and sell it to a tourist…(they’ll buy anything)!

  11. Keiron advocates holding the box at least a foot from the floor and then dropping it – straight down. And, yes it usually works! To think he spent four years at uni to learn that! These software engineers have got it made!!!

  12. Moon – I learned the kicking thing from an IT bloke. It works!

    Prin – I have very cantankerous computers. My laptop is not only very evil, it has a worse turn of foul language than myself. In fact my foul language skill are mostly computer taught. I hope the coffee maker is kickable?

    EMum – I’ll get my coat.

    Geri – Funny you should mention viruses. I think that PC has one. It is looking very pallid and sweaty. I’ll try some antibiotics.

    Thrity – *sigh* There is always someone to shout Linux. IT DOESN’T DO WHAT I WANT IT TO DO. Got that?

    Kate – does it matter what type of floor? Wood? Concrete?

  13. Well when he lived at home – it was a carpeted wooden floor – and to be fair his computers always had their innards spilling out too where he’d been modifying them – his bedroom was a veritable minefield – paid off in the end tho!

  14. Well, as he is languishing amid thunderstorms in the Dominican Republic currently and without a decent connection I can only advise a six inch drop and see what happens – gotta be better than kicking it tho? Posh buggar, I bet thery’re polished wood at that?

  15. Yeah, me too, back in the days of slackware and the old “re-compile your kernel and pray”. I like Macs now (based on FreeBSD, so I can do my unix-y stuff too), but still have windows for the missus on the laptop. Work is all windows-y but as we make chips (silicon, not potato) we need a linux jobby, which is nice.

  16. PCs have been put on this earth to torture us. If it’s not the printer, it’s the internet, if it’s not the internet it’s the blue screen that fancies a chat and I’m just not interested in what it has to say quite frankly.

  17. They just need a swift kick ever now and again. I got aggravated with an ol’ 386 one time, and kicked it so hard that the motherboard ripped off of its attachment points and broke the graphics card in the process. It never booted again. 🙂

  18. My cousin, who troubleshoots computer problems for people, says that 80% of computer glitches can be fixed just by rebooting. And 90% will be fixed by re-rebooting.

    I usually find a good thrashing with a branch and threats of the recycling plant will do the trick. No computer wants its cadmium rendered.

  19. How does rebooting a PC help when its problem is that it won’t stop rebooting? 😐

  20. Ah, you’re obviously not a DOS nerd, Grandad – C:> is the cue for all those wonderful commands that we used to be able to give computers, to really screw up their insides! Like completely erasing the boot sector, or melting the partitions between drives… not like now, when you are reduced to begging the Windows programs to let you speak to their manager! I love the sight of a black screen and blinking white cursor — and the POWER it represents. But I was usually reduced to physically re-booted (ie: giving it a swift kick w/the boot) most of the time anyway… sometimes taking apart another computer in front of it put the fear of god into it…

  21. Cathy – Many many years ago, I had a PC on loan. I was mucking about and tried “C:>format C: /q”. I am not sure where I got that from, but I didn’t try it again. I didn’t get the loan of a PC again either. I love the idea of dismembering another computer in front of it. I must try that.

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