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  1. Aha, we’re back to the euro’s again – we still don’t have them here…yet!
    And there I was just this morning telling the world how wonderful you are – must have been a bit of a slip in MY quirky character.

  2. What’s wrong with Euros? At least they are accepted all around Europe, unlike your Sterling!
    And I am wonderful, though I didn’t hear you telling it….

  3. Nothings wrong with euro’s except that when I buy them for holidays i’m never sure of what I’m getting for my money – maybe it will be good thing when we have them too…..
    I wrote it on the site that Keiron got the idea for his meme from – a glowing review!!!

  4. Oh dear,

    If Sabrina’s experiences are the shape of things to come then the future is blacker than either David McWilliams or George Lee could have imagined.

  5. Kate – Nothings wrong with Sterling except that when I buy anything with them I’m never sure how much it’s going to cost! And calling me cantankerous is a glowing review? 😐

    Ian – I’m pulling up the drawbridge.

  6. Thanks to Sabrina I am now aware of the evil scum behind the greeting card infection. Oh God, now I’m spreading the shit. Where will it end?
    As for me, Guinness has been mentioned by me more than once. I am quite prepared to pay for my own Guinness, but if Guinness want to pay me to mention Guinness then I might think about it. It’s just possible I could be a Guinness whore. On the other hand I take Black Bush too.

  7. Thrifty – Of course I will. Where’s my lifetime’s supply?

    Kate – Are you implying that I am not me?

  8. I think I’ve had the odd spam mail or two from places wanting to advertise. However, I choose not to advertise on my site anywhere. It’s clean and “unburdened” that way 😉

    Although I am expecting a little donation from those people at Red Bull 😛
    Where’s my lifetime supply of Red Bull Coke for me writing a post inspired by the drink: 🙁

  9. Actually, Mulley once said I was crabbier than HE is, and I was well impressed with myself. Regardless, you’re welcome to sic me on anyone who raises your ire. I’m at your service!

  10. TheChrisD – I’m not against advertising provided it’s discreet and makes loadsa cash. I have to supplement the pension somehow?

    Kate – What you see is what you get. And I’m not going to turn this into one of those flaming “8 things you don’t know about me” memes.

    Sabrina – I am very impressed! Mulley can be crabbier than a crab that has just been dumped in boiling water, so you must be something to behold! Thank you for your offer. With a testimonial like that, I may well take you up on it.

    Thrifty – I saw them. Do you have them in a 50″ waist?

  11. Excellent Grandad, I was looking for someone to blog about my BBQ sauce and it looks like you fit right in my budget. Woohoo!

    As for Sabrina… she’s way nicer than she lets on. As are you! 😉

  12. I’m trying to get my new bag of “Who gives a shit?” off the ground. I aim it at anybody who complains to me in work.

    I figured you might endorse that for me, and hey if you don’t I’ve got a great big bag just for you!

  13. We’ll be right back after this important message.And don’t forget if your erection lasts longer than four hours….

  14. Deborah – Is your BBQ sauce any good?

    Maxi – I will accept five tons in payment. Great for the land. Incidentally, can you let me know the source of this produce? Cow? Horse? Human?

  15. I’m working on the mother-of-all-hyphenated words for you to write about me.
    …and I’m saving up hard for that €100.

  16. Hey grandad…..

    My first read of your blogg, loved it, my kinda man, loved the last few lines .. maybe Jiffy condoms or Viagra might be in touch !!!!

    Great work fella

  17. Xbox – Hyphens count as spaces. Heh!

    Moon – Welcome!! And thanks for the link. 🙂

  18. I’ll always maintain that Guinness, Club Orange and any chocolate company except Nestle or Hershey’s (cos it’s shite) would be welcome to advertise on my page. That is all.

  19. Maxi – Shit! What kind of diet are you on?

    Andrew – I sent a mail to Fort Knox asking if they wanted to advertise on mine. 😉

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