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  1. poor bugger.

    i have been in IT since Christ knocked up Mary a long time; i’ve used every iteration of DOS, Windows, Posix, BeOS, *NIX, VMIS andbobsyouruncle, blah blah blah – none of it is perfect. and, if it were up to me, i wouldn’t use anything until such time as the computer responded – CORRECTLY AND THE FIRST EFFIN’ TIME – to voice commands.

    as you might have guessed, it’s NOT up to me, so this is what i make do with:

    a copy of Windows XP Pro (for security configs);

    Open Office –
    FOXIT –
    Thunderbird –

    Code editor – notepad

    anything else you add from here will not interfer with either registry or the kernell too much so have at it.

    and for pity’s sake, lay off the tea – it will throw off your aim and you’ll end up accidenatlly shooting one of your neighbors again…

  2. Thanks, Doc. I’m a Firefox user already [wouldn’t use that other IE crap]. It’s already part of Linux, as is Open Office. I also use Thunderbird!

    Notepad? Textpad!!!

    What’s giving me trouble now is installing them on my Remington….

  3. Doc, my teacher (the first one) told me tea was bad for you.

    I remember, she said ‘If you drink lots of tea you go yellow!’

    Teachers know everything.

  4. grandad –

    on US WIndows PCs, there is ‘notepad’ & ‘wordpad’: notepad is clean and will not insert special chars in your code; wordpad is closer to M$ Word and WILL eff up your code in its own inimitable way…haven’t run across textpad but then i don’t get out much.

    “installing them on my Remington….”
    these are programs are NOT ammo – standard NATO rounds go in Remmingtons.

    grannymar –

    i see you made it back from your podcast adventure okay, none the worse for wear.

    in grandad’s case i do believe the yellow is his poor abused liver nature’s gentle reminder that temperance is blessed.

    ; ‘ )

  5. My interview with bill Gates,,,,,
    Me. Hi, Mr. Gates.
    BG. You have been assimilated.
    Me. Well I hear alot of good things about your philanthropic foundation…
    BG. resistance is useless.
    Me. Can you tell me what’s up and coming for Windows?
    BG. Resistance is useless.
    Me. I see. Can you give us some insight into the anti-trust suits you are involved in?
    BG. They will be assimilated.
    ME. Righty then. Can you speak about the next version of windows?
    BG. Resistance is useless.
    Me. Mr. Gates, I never noticed the tubes and wires sticking out of your face before.
    BG. You will also be assimilated.

  6. @Doc – Notepad ++ is the dogz for editing code. All the basic-icity of Notepad but with all the colour coding, Save As functionality, HTML Tidy etc. a lad could want.

  7. Nah! textpad. Opens ANY size file [I have often opened 20Mb files!]. All sorts of spell-checkers/snippet libraries/vertical selections/find&replace in multiple files/file comparisons etc etc.

  8. grandad & primal –

    thnx – will check out both out as I am in the process of rebuilding my home PC – SWMBO installed something disagreeable the other day and the dang thing has done nothing since but spill, nibbles, bits and bytes all over the desk since…

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