Linux is a load of Billux — 16 Comments

  1. I’m not the brightest when it comes to technology but I’m wondering why did you want to linux in the first place?

  2. They told me to……

    Anyway I’m one of those people who likes messing with things [just in case I am missing something!]

  3. poor bugger.

    i have been in IT since Christ knocked up Mary a long time; i’ve used every iteration of DOS, Windows, Posix, BeOS, *NIX, VMIS andbobsyouruncle, blah blah blah – none of it is perfect. and, if it were up to me, i wouldn’t use anything until such time as the computer responded – CORRECTLY AND THE FIRST EFFIN’ TIME – to voice commands.

    as you might have guessed, it’s NOT up to me, so this is what i make do with:

    a copy of Windows XP Pro (for security configs);

    Open Office –
    FOXIT –
    Thunderbird –

    Code editor – notepad

    anything else you add from here will not interfer with either registry or the kernell too much so have at it.

    and for pity’s sake, lay off the tea – it will throw off your aim and you’ll end up accidenatlly shooting one of your neighbors again…

  4. Thanks, Doc. I’m a Firefox user already [wouldn’t use that other IE crap]. It’s already part of Linux, as is Open Office. I also use Thunderbird!

    Notepad? Textpad!!!

    What’s giving me trouble now is installing them on my Remington….

  5. Doc, my teacher (the first one) told me tea was bad for you.

    I remember, she said ‘If you drink lots of tea you go yellow!’

    Teachers know everything.

  6. grandad –

    on US WIndows PCs, there is ‘notepad’ & ‘wordpad’: notepad is clean and will not insert special chars in your code; wordpad is closer to M$ Word and WILL eff up your code in its own inimitable way…haven’t run across textpad but then i don’t get out much.

    “installing them on my Remington….”
    these are programs are NOT ammo – standard NATO rounds go in Remmingtons.

    grannymar –

    i see you made it back from your podcast adventure okay, none the worse for wear.

    in grandad’s case i do believe the yellow is his poor abused liver nature’s gentle reminder that temperance is blessed.

    ; ‘ )

  7. My interview with bill Gates,,,,,
    Me. Hi, Mr. Gates.
    BG. You have been assimilated.
    Me. Well I hear alot of good things about your philanthropic foundation…
    BG. resistance is useless.
    Me. Can you tell me what’s up and coming for Windows?
    BG. Resistance is useless.
    Me. I see. Can you give us some insight into the anti-trust suits you are involved in?
    BG. They will be assimilated.
    ME. Righty then. Can you speak about the next version of windows?
    BG. Resistance is useless.
    Me. Mr. Gates, I never noticed the tubes and wires sticking out of your face before.
    BG. You will also be assimilated.

  8. I commend you for your perseverance… I would have thought you needed a pint after all that! 😀

  9. Doc – I meant my Remington typewriter.

    Linda – Thank you. That is a damn good idea!! 😉

  10. @Doc – Notepad ++ is the dogz for editing code. All the basic-icity of Notepad but with all the colour coding, Save As functionality, HTML Tidy etc. a lad could want.

  11. Nah! textpad. Opens ANY size file [I have often opened 20Mb files!]. All sorts of spell-checkers/snippet libraries/vertical selections/find&replace in multiple files/file comparisons etc etc.

  12. grandad & primal –

    thnx – will check out both out as I am in the process of rebuilding my home PC – SWMBO installed something disagreeable the other day and the dang thing has done nothing since but spill, nibbles, bits and bytes all over the desk since…

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