Get me out of this S.H.I.T. — 18 Comments

  1. oohh grandad, but you struck a nerve. getting old gets sweeter by the day. Of course the young turks wanted to ‘update’ the site. What would the old farts know. ahhh so so happy to have left it all behind. You are completely right. fuck them. probably all at oxegen; ‘spent all fockin week fixing this old crap site’
    cheers, mine’s a guinness

  2. Oh dear Grandad – you do get in some messes – maybe you should opt for the easy life too – and let them get on with it.
    Give keiron a shout – he’s bound to have some answers!
    Stay calm……

  3. Err, if they replaced it with their crap, why do they feel it’s your problem? Or do they want to pay you vast wodges of dosh to fix their crap? Don’t Holemasters do that?

  4. Kerryview – I would dearly love to be sitting on a bar stool in a pub in Kerry, right now. Any chance?

    Kate – Do you think Kieron would be interested in taking over S.H.I.T.?

    Thrifty – Because they fucked it up so badly that they don’t know what they have done. They are now turning to me in desperation. I will offer to fix it for them though [at €500 an hour].

  5. HP has probably given up sending them emails, so the next time they phone pretend to be senile or drunk or both and sing Irish shanties at them. If that doesn’t work tell them you are a recording and will self destruct in 10..9…8..7.. and when you get to 1 get Sandy to howl down the phone. If none of that works, go and find Ron – it’s only been 11 months since you shot him, so he’s probably still in the hospital waiting room.

  6. every chance of a pint grandad. friday afternoon pints remind me of long lost casual fridays (in other words, half day), when every friday from 1.30 to at least 8.00 was spent happily in the old old Kitty O’Sheas, not that place that’s there now. And not a programmer/analysyt/whatever in sight. So, a pint in Kerry is sweet sweet. No more S.H.I.T. and the like. €500 ph? Dont offer. Just tell them you will fix it. For That.
    I’ll have one in your absence.

  7. Geri – But I am senile and drunk. I am not going near Ron. I don’t trust him…

    Kerryview – I will be there in a few minutes, as soon as I have reassembled this missile I just bought on eBay.

  8. [at €500 an hour].

    Ah, now the CAPITALISM MAGAZINE makes more sense. Just kidding, dead right, the holliers are coming up after all.

  9. Tell you what. If you don’t want to do it yourself, charge them €500 per hour and I’ll sort it out for you if you give me €300 per hour.

    Can’t say fairer than that 🙂

  10. how about i do you up a nice hanging basket…. and you can smack him with it – right between the eyes should do just nicely

    lubbly jubbly

  11. Silver Haired Internet Technologies. I love it. Grandad, not The Man From Uncle but The Man From Shit. Brilliant! What can we do with CRAP ?
    How about Cantankerous Rapidly Ageing Pissheads? Ho.

  12. You’d thing if they trained people how to use computers, they’d at least have some knowledge of what they’re teaching…

    Maybe you should bump up the price to €600/hour to fix it 😉

  13. Thrifty – It is like Carbon Tax… More of a disincentive to use services.

    Robert – You really do not want to go there.

    Peter – It would be simpler to hang them from the eaves and stick flowers in their ears?

    TT – Do you want one of my Golden Crab Awards [as issued by S.H.I.T.]?

    TheChrisD – You would think that, wouldn’t you. I wonder if they teach server set up or email configuration?

    PROBLEM SOLVED – I just sent them a mail and accidentally signed it ‘Grandad’.

    There again, they probably won’t get it….

  14. Well you know what they say . . those who can’t do . . .teach! Sounds like a potentially nice little earner! “wodges of cash” tee hee! You Irish have some funny sayings!

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