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  1. In the Metro this morning they were discussing a new contraption to defeat Global Warming. It involves strapping plastic cups to the behinds of cows to stop their ozone blasting emissions from entering the atmosphere.

    I know a a few people who could use those cups.

  2. Agreed on the extreme weather. I agree it is being treated as an opportunity for fun and profit. I happen to hate air travel these days anyway, so I don’t give a fuck on that front. We are going to have to deal with increasingly expensive oil/gas though, so for the purpose of staving off hypothermia you might dedicate a patch of the land around Headrambles Manor to a bit of coppice willow so you have something to burn when the tourists can’t afford to come here any more 🙂

  3. It is bullcrap all right, thanks to Nazi Europe we are paying another tax, soon we will be paying to receive phone calls and they are starting to work on “regulating” our internet so our ISP’s can screw us any way they see fit. I never wanted to be part of a unified anything. I liked Ireland the way it was before the Euro and all these bloody referendums.

    I think the big problem is we have no visibility to where our taxes go. I don’t go into a shop and buy an unidentifiable box with a sandwich in it, so why do I pay taxes on everything and not know where that money is going. Carbon tax, Bag Tax, what next Tax tax.

    I would like a system where we choose where we pay our taxes, some big online program where bodies that need our tax money have to canvass for it. It’s our cash, should be our choice.

    I feel like Europe will become exactly like the vision put forward in V for Vendetta, without the witty dialogue and special effects.

  4. I love Climate Change. This morning it was raining and the Climate Changed and now it’s not raining.

    I am hoping that this afternoon we will have some Global Warming and the sun will come out, with some more Climate Change this evening as a few clouds appear and give us a nice summers evening sunset.

    The problem is that someone in government with too much time on their hands was looking at this going on and said ‘Hey we can tax that’ and so they did.

    I bet you that same person will be out some cold winter evening watching the condensation on everyones breath, and in a eureka moment, ‘My God! They are breathing air in!’. New tax……

  5. Lottie – The mind boggles. Are they going to employ someone to go around strapping them on? Are we all going to have to wear one? I wonder what kind of damage the dinosaurs did? 😉

    Thrifty – The cost of power is a different matter, and I will be stocking up on thermal underwear. Then I have to find a way of running the car on long-johns. I have other uses for my land other than growing fuel….

  6. Robert – I am with on on all of that. The only thing I like about the Euro is being able to compare prices with the rest of Europe. But I still do 99% of my online stuff in Sterling and Dollars. *sigh*

    We should demand to know where all these taxes are going, not that they would tell us.

    Dave – The Climate Changed here too. It was pissing rain yesterday, but it’s quite nice today. I think it’s going to change again soon as there are some nasty looking clouds around. Why don’t they put a levy on clouds?

  7. You are bang on there Grandad, I don’t go to the shops much anymore, I get all my books in Sterling from Amazon, and it works out cheaper for me. Don’t really buy many things in dollar, kind of worried about cross border taxes making it not worth my while.

    But it’s true. The money that magically leaves our paychecks every month should be allocated to an area of the country we feel needs the most. I mean, if we can get people canvassing at our door to get in the next set of Morons, and I am using Morons here in the nicest since of the term people, why can’t we just choose what department gets out tax from our paycheck. I would feel better, I donate money voluntarily to Plan Ireland, I don’t know how much of my money hits where I want it to go, but I made that choice and it (somewhat) makes me feel better.

    So our education service is in trouble. No problem let me go online and route my next paycheck tax to it. Health care, brown paper bag bonuses. There would be a place online where you can hear and see that debates if you wish, no door to door canvassing, that idea is like begging and can fuck right off as well. But I think it would be a cool idea to divert your tax to where you feel it will be best used.

    Sod this, im going to need money to buy an Island and set this idea in motion, let’s get out of here before we are living in the movie Waterworld. Is use this as an example as, it was a terrible film, the water is rising, and a lot of money was sunk into it.

    He he .. “Sunk”

  8. Naturally it wouldn’t be on a page anyone could see. That would be stupid!

    A stealth or hidden tax would be in the form of a hidden html comment in the source code on the ROS website.

  9. But of course the governments and companies will use these levies and taxes to help reduce carbon emmisions, and save the planet…

    … wont they?

    BALLS, who could be that naïve ?

    Yeah, I’m really going to pay an extra £5 for that cheap flight, because Mr O’Leary is going to use it to plant a tree.

    Governments commit to doing bugger all sensible about fixing climate issue, force us all to use energy efficient lightbulbs – well we know that’s stupid.

    How about making it attractive for companies to seriously invest in alternate fuels? remember the GM HyWire that was on TopGear a few years ago – it ran on sea water, why can’t I buy one now that oil is more expensive than beer.

  10. The problem here is that people get their information from journalists, and 99% of the time journalists are hilariously far off the mark when it comes to anything with a whiff of science. None of the “they” groups you refer to here are actual scientists doing actual research.

    So what you want to do is read the IPCC report (and the criticisms thereof) and make up your mind based on that, not based on the hyperbole and ineptitude of a bunch of irrelevant parties.

  11. global scam I say. I remember we were shown the coral reef near swords or balbriggan or somesuch back in the 50’s (you read it right). obviously it was warm then. In the 60s we were told an Ice Age was coming, see (
    I also remember when my guinness was not as cold as it is now, and I don’t mean the cold cold guinness.
    carbon tax = tax. thats it. tax
    carbon footprint = I’m alive.

  12. We could create a single tax that would fund government forever. Tax politicians, 1 dollar or Euro for every word they utter or write. Either the government would have so much money they could never spend it, or the politicos would finally have to shut up and quit spewing there horrible ideas. The reduce of hot air would also solve global warming, although I would worry about a sudden ice age.

  13. Maybe we could just refuse to pay it and blame it on the natural changes in the earth’s climate?

    Remember, we did have 2 Ice Ages, and during the time of the dinosaurs and other eras it was very hot!

  14. There is a very simple answer to all of this. If they insist on sneaking in hidden taxes than I am going to pay for those taxes with hidden cheques [from my hidden accounts]….

  15. i remember hurricane charlie around the 1986 and people canoeing around bray – there was no taxes hidden then.

    To be honest i’m more concerned about bin charges when we now all recycle and cycle and those feckin motorway charges to get to where….. thats right fuppin’ drogheda!

  16. Grandad, What a great idea! Let’s start charging our readers a carbon offset fee. You know those big evil servers use SO much electricity that their carbon footprints need to be offset in some way.
    Then I can use the added revenue to buy gas for my V8 pickup truck that I use to carry the wood from chopped down trees.
    All seriousness aside though, our demoncrat party and their messiah, B. Hussein Obama won’t allow any exploration for oil or gas in this country, no new nuclear power plants, of course hydro-electric plants might get the fishes upset and coal fired anything is just bad so we are left with carbon offset taxes and fat, rich politicians.

  17. remember the millenium bug.someone made money there and created a great taking point….someone invented global warming to make money and keep our minds of the bl…y mess they have made of everything else

  18. Peter – I am unlikely to forget Hurricane Charlie.. I drove across the Conor Pass in Dingle at the height of it. Ever been in a car that became airborne????

    Brianf – You keep driving that ugly truck of yours! In fact, fill it with bio fuel and starve another African country.

    Cooper – I still have the Millennium Bug. I can’t shake it off despite loads of antibiotics.

    Roosta – How about this for starters?

    TT – Depressed? Take a prozac.

  19. Emordino – Sorry! Nearly missed you up there..

    OK, so I am quoting hearsay from journalists? Would you accept Habibullo Abdussamatov, who is head of space research at St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory in Russia?
    He claims that there is very strong evidence that “changes in the sun’s heat output can account for almost all the climate changes we see on both planets” [Mars and Earth]. Unless we are responsible for the fact that Mars’ climate too is changing?

  20. @grandad – interesting article…pity its from CAPITALISM magazine…i wonder what their agenda is….

  21. Did you note the list of references? Science? Nature? And you want scientists.. it’s written by Dr. Patrick Michaels, Research professor of environmental sciences, University of Virginia.

  22. Depressed? I think G.Cunt Bush and D.Twat Cheney are funneling dollars into a Swiss bank account with Grandad’s number on it. Do you realise that if Colonel Sanders were our president we would be paying $80 for a bucket of chicken ?

  23. Roosta, Should we instead believe articles from magazines like Mother Jones or maybe something from Algore or even the Greens?

  24. @brianf, nope, we shouldn’t.

    Still doesn’t mean I shouldn’t raise an eyebrow at anything that comes out of CAPITALISM MAGAZINE!!!

  25. Roosta you are wasting your time. These folks would have sided withy the Vatican against Galileo.

  26. There are good arguments on both sides, all backed up with lies and statistics. For me, the jury’s out so I’m hedging my bets and anything that reduces pollution, and overconsumption on this third rock from the sun can only be a good thing . . .someone’s gotta pay for it! And I’m not sure the good folks watching their little island of Naru slowly being inundated with seawater would agree there’s no such thing as global warming causing rising sea levels.

  27. Mother nature will have her final revenge over the fat cats filling their hats to the brim and their pockets to the rim with the spoils of the naive. I feel a cold spell coming on. 🙂

  28. Grandad, No worries, eh.
    These are people who want to believe that everything we do is wrong and any other thoughts or ideas are considered ignorant, simple minded and just wrong.
    There is no rational thought there just a parroting of whatever propaganda is most in fashion this week.
    Whatever evidence you might present to refute them will be said to be funded by Exxon, Shell, BP or some company that Dick Cheney once read about in a magazine at a doctors office while waiting for an appointment thus making said evidence merely a tool of, “BIG Fill-In-The-Blank”.

  29. Sorry GD, I’m with roosta in as much as I will treat anything that comes from a source called CAPITALISM MAGAZINE as intensely suspect. I don’t actually care that much about global warming, so that is why it is of supreme indifference to me whether it is natural or not. Now if de gubmint (sorry Baino) want to tax us for our carbon use on everything then it is only fair that any carbon fixing we perform qualify for a tax credit. Therefore I invite the revenue to pop ’round and check out my garden, after which they can compute what they are going to give back to me. Hey, I see another form of farming subsidy looming 🙂

  30. Ok, so a quick response required a quick Google and Capitalist was the first one I came up with. I could have been more thorough, but what the hell. There is plenty of material out there on both sides of the fence.

    I’m not going to get into an argument over this, as it is difficult to argue with someone who’s idea of rationality is to call a viewpoint ‘retarded’ and who jumps with glee on the word ‘Nazi’.

    Kerryview – That is a very interesting site. 🙂 It doesn’t prove that Climate Change is not caused by Man, but it certainly casts enough doubt on the “We are right and you are all wrong” Eco-brigade.

    Thrifty – I have just invoiced Revenue for €5,000 for my compost heap.

  31. I’m not going to get into an argument over this, as it is difficult to argue with someone who’s idea of rationality is to call a viewpoint ‘retarded’ and who jumps with glee on the word ‘Nazi’.

    Is that directed at me? Cuz i never called anyone retarded nor did i jump with glee over the word “Nazi”. That is all..

  32. Not at all! It was a general reference to the tone of the conversation on Jazz Biscuit.

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