How versatile is the Irish Times Online? — 23 Comments

  1. Laptops make lousy party hats and useless toy boats for racing too.

    @Flirty – that depends on your ‘suspect’ mag collection I’d imagine…

  2. And your laptop will not blow away when reading the news outside!
    Plus, think of the trees you would be saving not to mention the money you would save reading online….and where can you find chips wrapped in newspaper these days????

  3. I still read my local newspaper. The opinion page is full of letters from old cranky men who are barely able to write letters. Very few have the technological savy to put thier views on the internet.

  4. Dammit I just tried wrapping chips with my monitor. Chips are now very crunchy. There’s blood coming out of my mouth and i think I’m going to fain….

  5. my first thought was, hey, i pay $14 bucks a month for our crappy-assed newspaper and that sure would buy alot of paper towels but then I thought about how much wood costs and you’re right the newspaper is the way to go 🙂

  6. Sir,

    I too am fond of chips wrapped in newspaper (Head Rambles, 30 June 2008). Last night, I made them from an Irish-grown potato.

    Is this a Record?

    Yours, etc.

    Longman Oz

  7. Didn’t used to make any difference to my cat. If I tried to read the newspaper, she’d sit on it. If I tried to read news online, she’d sit on the keyboard…
    But emordino is right, you’ll never see a flatter fly than one with a computer dropped on it!!

  8. Flirty – And it’s not much use if you suddenly discover that you are out of jax paper!!

    Xbox – Please don’t invite me to any of your parties……

    Kate – “your laptop will not blow away when reading the news outside” – No. But the shine on the screen will. And have you tried connecting to the Interweb on a bus?

    Jim – So it’syou who reads my letters? 🙂

    Green Ink – ….. Never mind. You can’t read this anyway..

    Prin – Spot on. Who cares if its crappy-assed if you are going to use it for something else anyway.

    Emordino – Very true. But heave a mainframe at a wasp, and it leaves a bit of a mess.

    Longman – No. Are you going cuckoo??

    Geri – Have you tried slamming the lid on the cat? Also works with flies…

  9. “have you tried connecting to the Interweb on a bus?”
    No Grandad, I never have – but tomorrow I have a 5 hour bus journey to visit my son so this could be my first try….. the battery is charged – and I will let you know!!! 😉

  10. Longman – Are you implying I didn’t get the ‘record’ bit? What kind of ignorant old rooster do you take me for?

    Kate – 5 hours? You are going to need one hell of a long network cable?

  11. Maybe the government doesn’t think that it’s warm enough in Ireland, so they are having everyone fire up their laptops every morn to warm their laps? I wonder what Mr. Gorebal Warming would have to say about that? 🙂

    You really can’t beat a good ol’ fashioned newspaper. It’s good for beating off the critters, mutts, and people!

    It also acts as an excellent weed inhibitor in gardens, and it’s Biodegradable too! 🙂

  12. Hmmm, it’s not very much different to what they had before…

    I was at least hoping they’d put up a PDF version of the paper so that you can properly read it.

  13. I’m for the old style too, you can shake it in annoyance when you read the horror stories therein, and have the crossword, the soduko, and the features all open at the same time. Complete paid though it you come across something you like and want to save it.
    Geri – how did the, er, cat-slaming-lid go? or lid-slaming-cat? Hope the little feline is playing piano on your keyboard?

  14. You can not make a papier mache volcano for your children’s school out of a computer. Not one that fizzes lava anyway.

  15. Maxi – Why? I’m advocating that people buy the paper instead of getting it for nothing?!

    Bock – No. But I once rammed a Commodore64 down a rabbit’s hole…..

    Sam – You haven’t seen my computer after a hard day’s work!

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