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  1. I usually just say “my site”. All these noncey made-up inter-words can go shite. Except email, that’s acceptable.

  2. Good morning Grandad,
    See I thought you were of the same way of thinking as me – I have 4 ‘websites’ where I rant, ramble, or rave …. but I never blog! I think it was when my son called me ‘a little blogger ‘- it put me off!! It just doesn’t seem right -just stick with your head rambles and you’ll be fine!!! Love the picture – thought I saw one of those in the garden this morning but it was just Hippie moving fast!!!!

  3. Yep, I favour website or if people ask I say it’s like a web diary – but then that would make it a wiary. Oh dear…

  4. Emordino – Even with email I tend to shorten it to mail. I never know whether to stick a hyphen in…..

    Longman – Love it! Except that there would then be millions of Grandads around the world? That would be confusing.

    Kate – Blogs are great. They sit on the tops of the trees of a summer’s evening and bark their little heads off.

    E Mum – The verb would be tricky too.. Wiring? Wiarying?

  5. Hmmm, I’m not really sure what else you could call it…

    I call my site that mainly because it has more than a WordPress-install based blog. And even then I’m trying not to call it my blog as much, more the “centre of rants”.

  6. Hmmm, good point. Does sound quite odd indeed…
    Who knows, maybe in a couple of years a new term will have come out to replace “blog”. Judging by the lifespan of most Internet trends, it probably will be sooner rather than later.

  7. Which will die first – the word or the sites themselves? A sort of ‘chicken and the egg’ in reverse?

  8. That’s a nice little name there, Grandad.
    “Did you visit my Web Shite recently?”

  9. Whenever I mention Internet or website, the lads down the Farting Duck Bar & Grill assume porn. So that’s why I stick with cross between a blackbird and a dog.

  10. As Wikipedia suggests a blog is an abridgment of the term web log, what about a abridgment of the term:
    “web rambles”

    Have you seen my wrambles recently? Take a look at my wramble! etc. etc.

  11. Slog? Feels like one when nothing’s happened all week but you still want to write about something – anything (!). Oh boy that sounds pathetic.. A pathetic blog = p’thlog.
    p.s. How on earth did that blackbird manage to swallow Sandy? Warned you not to keep putting that cryptonite in the water!!

  12. hmmm, Geri, did the blackbird eat the dog or the dog eat the blackbird. Surely not Sandy though?
    Hey Grandad, just noticed the “my music”, I like the choices 🙂 Dire Straits Brothers in Arms knocked me sideways the first time I heard it.

  13. Heh! I was going to remove that music page. I suppose I’d better leave it a bit longer. It’s ages since I changed the tracks on it.

    The idea of a Web Shite is beginning to grow on me. Or maybe it’s just the cabbage I ate last night?

  14. Charmed – crikey, you’re right! That’s not Sandy, unless the blackbird trimmed her ears? (I think they prefer noses though). Sorry Grandad! Apologies to Sandy.

  15. Why not call it by its unabreviated title. Web log. Did y’all seriously not know that ?

  16. Gob

    as in mouth, spit

    Meaning in Irish also – beak, peck, nib (of pen),spout (of jug).

  17. Blog is a word I have gotten use to. I use to cringe at the sound of it. I got better. How about calling your web site a ‘Web Journal’? That would make you a Web Journalist!

  18. Gob is nice. I can call myself a Gobber, especially when I’m gobbing?

    I thought of Web Journalist, but that sounds too feckin’ elitist and snobby? We’d have John Waters down our necks again..!!

  19. I quite like ‘blog’. It has a nice round sound to it, somethink like ‘plop’ or ‘clogs’: nice clunky words that sound very wrong the more you think about them.

  20. Yeah I stick with Blog because I use Blogger, sounds pretentious to say ‘my website’ when I didn’t do anything to it other than choose a template. It’s hardly journalism and definitely ranty, blithery, whimsical and frankly . .bloggy!

  21. Blog is a horrible word, I agree. But what about the people who read them?

    “Screen sucking” is a term used to describe what a person does when they’ve finished doing what they set out to do on their computer, but start to waste time doing stuff that they could do without.

    I don’t mind being called a blogger compared to a screen sucker.

  22. J A – Every word sound wrong if you use it often enough! Excuse me while I go and Plop my Clogs. 😉

    Baino – Ah! Blogger!! The bain o’ my blogging life.. Is that where you got your name?

    Maxi – I haven’t heard that one. It sounds disgusting. I like it…

  23. I don’t know what to call it.. I have no problem with blog, but when you ell others that you blog or have a blog, they lookat you like something that should be sent to a leper colony. Its almost not a polite term in some company.

    So any euphamism that you can come up with that works, may be an idea I’ll use.

    AACCK.. the unofficial fire works are starting – all over. Happy Canada Day !!!!

  24. The big one here is a political blog but not named so .It is “The Huffington Post”. so i would assume those who write it are posters not bloggers and readers are posties, postee’s, posteriors or what? Hell there’s always a problem.Grandad your always starting something.

  25. You know, I haven’t really thought about it until now, but you’re right, the word blog does sound a bit shit. From now on I’m calling my site a ‘cultural underground news tannoy’ or C.U.N.T. for short. I will from this day on call myself a CUNTER or perhaps CUNT JOCKEY and my readers will be CUNT LOVERS. I will now have a CUNTROLL down the side of my CUNT, linking to all the other CUNTS in the CUNTOSPHERE. Sorry Grandad, I’m taking up your whole CUNT with my ramblings!

    Better get back to my own CUNT before it goes cold.

  26. I say “my thingy”, “my yokey” and “my shite”(not no be confused with “my site”!)

  27. When my younger brother hears the term ‘blogging’ he immediately calls it ‘child-raping’.

    ‘Blog’ is a disgusting word alright, but I don’t see much other option. perhaps if I ever have the sense to transfer my site from Blogger to WordPress then I’ll feel differently. I only ended up on Blogger because the WordPress site was temporarily out of action when the whim hit me to start blogging.

  28. Yes, I realised the ‘pop my clogs’ element after I posted the comment!

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