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  1. It’s weird how hot food such as curries and chilies affect people in different ways. A lot of people I know won’t even put the food past their lips, others will eat it alright, but sweat so much you’d think they were running a marathon, and then there’s people like me who can devour the inferno-gourmet without so much as batting an eyelid…

    …until it comes out the other end, that’s when the tears begin!

  2. H – I like ’em hot. A good curry always makes me break out in a sweat, but fortunately I don’t suffer from the Vindaloo Trots. 😉

  3. I swear by a Tom Yam Kai for any bit of a cold at all.

    You’ve made me hungry now too.

  4. We have a large selection,of Oh God i will never eat that again,if you put the fire in my assh#$e out,here in the states.Would you like me to send you a bottle. 🙂

  5. Xbox – I am, and always have been a vidaloo Man. Sorry, but I’m too set in my ways now. They threw in a free hot curry soup in the delivery, so I kept that for today. Nothing like a reheat!!

    Popeye – Yes please!!! 🙂

  6. There is a saying about curry and vindaloo that I swear by and is the main reason I tend to avoid them:

    “It goes in hot but comes out even hotter!”

  7. I find a week off work and being waited on hand and foot to be the best cure for even the slightest of sniffles. Never let me down yet.

  8. Sue – You haven’t lived [or died!]

    Robert – You are all obsessed with the lower regions? Anyway there is nothing wrong with a good hot purge.

    Longman – It’s the likes of yourself that give men a bad name. You should be ashamed of yourself. The trick is to cure yourself in the first 24 hours, but still take the week off…..

  9. I am with you on this one, Grandad. I swear by the medicinal and curative powers of a good vindaloo or even Madras. Works every time for me. Unfortunately the curry houses over here suck so I have learned to make my own. The secret of course, is buying and grinding the spices fresh. Make the curry, then let it sit for a couple of days.

  10. Oh Grandad – I am just in the process of making a madras – as you know doubt know we ladies perspire rather than sweat but I am looking forward to either – it smells gorgeous!!! And as for the aftermath – at this moment I don’t care!!!!!

  11. TT – We are lucky to have a very good place several miles away. I asked nicely [actually, I threatened to burn the place down..] and they kindly agreed to deliver. I’m not averse to making my own though, form time to time..!

    Kate – Nah. You perspire on a warm day; you sweat after a good curry. Enjoy. 🙂

  12. De Valera may have told youse dirt was good for you, but rest assured it was merely an excuse to avoid admitting we were piss poor.

  13. BB – Dirt is good for us. The feckin’ telly keeps trying to get us to kill all known germs and getting us into a spin because things aren’t clinically spotless. As a result, modern kids have no natural immunity. In my day we were sent out to eat dog shit to boost our bodies’ natural immune system. It worked. You can keep your fucking Actimel or whatever it’s called.

  14. I’ve returned to the doctors office three times since I was born.

    First time I ran into a wall and ripped my skull open.
    Second time I was coughing up blood.
    Third time I was gone blind with acne.

    I just ignore anything that isn’t potentially very serious, is that not what “our bodies’ natural immune system” is?

    don’t diss the Elcasei Immunitas power of Actimel either, cured 2 members of my family from cancer.

  15. Hey Grandad, if you like Vindaloo you should try Phal. You won’t find it on any menu but most Indian Take Aways know about it. It was invented by the English curry houses to combat the drunken late night hard men full of bravado that, upon entering the curry house demanded the hottest thing on the menu.

    The literal translation of Phal is ‘bottom ripper’!

  16. I can’t believe nobody’s mentioned ‘hot ring of fire’ as in your picture 😉 It’s all part of the wonderful aftermath…

  17. It’s taken me this long to comment because I read the post and promptly fainted at the thoughts of what you just ate. I awoke two hours ago floating in my own sweat.

    Me and hot food just don’t go.

  18. Terence – You wouldn’t last five minutes around here. TAT is the same. He goes into fits at the smallest taste of a curry. Wimp.

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