Irish Times to drop charges — 23 Comments

  1. send them back a reply message of your most recent activities!

    “Dear Irish Times,
    I am pleased to announced that I shall be using the toilet in five minutes for the third time today.”

    Pretty good news too.

  2. BB – How did you know????? Web-cam in the jax?

    Lottie – They are all breaking the news now and saying they got it elsewhere. Nobody reads this site. *sniff*

  3. There you go! Recognition at last. You’ll be needing new strategies to cope with the tourists around your way now though. There’ll be a lot more coming now you’ve announced your elite status. They’ll be hanging over your garden hedge with their binoculars and camaras – and that google earth chappie will be back again too… Oh the price of fame….!

  4. hmmm, interesting move from the IT, have they finally realised that there’s so much quality free stuff on the net that asking people to pay for stuff is not a good idea. Hey, Grandad, you’re a publicity tool 🙂 Didnt they just know you’d pass on the good news to your readers. I promise to go and have a look once the inevitable rainbreak in WImbledon happens.

  5. Not web-cams, the good ol fashioned cctv style, got them cheap off Chuck Berry a few years back.

  6. When I read the title I thought it was because the old grey lady had been suffering from the brunt of your usual antics. It took a few seconds to click that the charges are financial and not legal 🙂

  7. Red – I like to confuse people with ambiguous headlines. I going for a job as a sub-editor in The Star.

    There is going to be great fun on Monday when everyone has to change their bookmarks/favourites…..! 😉

  8. Did that not leak a couple of weeks ago? Or was it me that had a leak then? There was a leak anyway.

  9. Sneezy – Probably, but they didn’t write to me about that one. I tend to ignore leaks anyway [I have to, at my age].

  10. Interesting to see the mainstream media courting bloggers to get their message out. Bloggers are all illiterate ranters, aren’t we?

  11. We are indeed, Sam. Most of the addresses were in RTE, with quite a few of the mainstream media [papers, radio stations and the like] but there were about six bloggers. I had to laugh when I saw Twenty and myself in there.

  12. Well, congratulations, oh Elite One. Hmm, sounds like some kind of tag line.

    Of course sending them a reply saying; “Thanks for the info, I shall be sure to alert the media…” is most likely a bit superfluous at this point I suppose. Awful good of you not to let this go to your head. Are you sure you want to continue to associate with us non-elites? Might tarnish your reputation and all that.

    I’m honored to know you sir. 😛

  13. So the paper’s free now, eh? Still doesn’t explain why a couple of months back I was able to look up an article from the paper on the site, and yet when I tried to link it to my mother, she was greeted with a screen saying “Subscription needed to view”. Weird 😕

  14. Welcome TheChrisD!! I don’t know the workings of the site as I wasn’t a frequent visitor [I suppose that has to change now?!]. Is it possible that your mother viewed that page the following day, after it had become archived or something? I dunno. At least there will be no more links on blogs marked “Subscription required”…

  15. It might have been, although the story I found was at least a month to a month and a half old when I found it.

    Ah well, at least now I can use it for research – well, when I actually need to do research that is!

    PS: ty for the welcome!

  16. TheChrisD – We are a very close knit community here of about 15,274,922 readers so I always like to welcome a new one. 😉

    Kirk M – Too late for what?

  17. To send that reply you didn’t think of…

    Oh, never mind, I was too late with my reply anyway.

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