The Bearable Lightness of Not Being — 20 Comments

  1. Hey oop, lad,

    Tha dussn’t know t’ meanin of ‘ardly any visitors.

    Wha, there’s days when ah wud write 50,000 words an’ have a minus number of people.

    (Incidentally, there’s an excellent quote from Kundera, inspired by your title, but I’m supposed to have been somewhere five minutes ago and haven’t even changed yet)

  2. a minus number of people?

    is that people who are so worthless they’re to humans what own goals are to goals? Like Adolf Hitler or something?

  3. I got up at 6 this morning like every morning, worked on the blog, checked the stats, did some stuff around the house, checked the email to see if there had been any replies to comments I made yesterday…nothing. Piddled around until 12:30 or so and still nothing so I decided the entire blogging world must be on hiatus today and promptly went back to bed ๐Ÿ™‚ Going to go watch the tv for a bit and may go back to bed for a while. Maybe everyone will get up and stir around in the blogging world later on ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. We’ll soon sort this out:

    So here’s a comment:
    “That would be an ecumenical matter”

    I’ll be sure to click your link a few hundred times, to give you visitors to check.

    Here’s abuse:
    “Cut your beard, hippy.”

    Check your inbox.

    Think about this:
    “What would a chair look like it our knees bent in the other direction?”


    No holidays on my watch, nice try though!

  5. Oh BUGGER! I switch on again, and this is what I find……

    TT – You came back?

    Ian – “Minus people” is an interesting concept. I’m sure they’s come in handy at election time? Hold on to ’em. Unless it’s like B’dum B’dum says?

    Kae – Already, that sounds like a good idea.

    Prin – I thought myself that the whole world was having a lie-in. Apparently not…

    Maxi – Calling me a Hippy is not abuse – it’s flattery. I joined in the sixties. As for knees bending backwards.. Keep this up and you’ll find out what it’s like ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Darren – Thanks. Short lived though?

  6. Possibly Americans are just too confused with the current waffling being done by our illustrious political candidates. My head is spinning, do I take the money or not, am I quick enough to feel sorry for the Iowa flood victims, I’m so confused. I need the tranquility of Eire’

  7. John O – Tranquility? Here??? HAH!! Are you aware that the rest of Europe is about to get out a mighty chainsaw, detach Ireland and float us off into the Atlantic? We’re not tranquil – we’re up to our oxters in Prozac!

  8. You’re lucky Grandad! I finally managed (after numerous requests) to get my blog removed from a relatively new directory/venue with poor service, a few days ago and now they’re announcing to the world that THEY’VE removed ME for being an ‘inappropriate blog’! Wow! The reasons (insinuated) for removal, are for obscene, hacking, junking, leeching, homophobic, racial etc. etc. content!! (Hacking? I’m thrilled if I can login without something going wrong!). Ah well, just have to sue the pants off them. In the meantime its given me ‘food’ for my latest article. I was wondering what to write about next….!
    P.S. Latest on the football ‘war’: Russia wiped the floorski with us….

  9. Welcome to my world! My blog is obviously on a permanent holiday! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I see your break was short-lived.

  10. Jim – You won’t need it. There is going to be a decent earthquake any day now…..

    Geri – They are obviously annoyed at losing such a valuable asset? I would be proud to be banned. You have joined the elite!

  11. Natalie – I wasn’t on holiday – my blog was, along with most of the rest of the Interweb. My holiday is coming up though! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. oh for Gods sake… they love me they love me not and all the while sitting in a park tearing the petals of an innocent daisy and then complain that the daisys never came into flower this year…. still while commening here does have its ups and downs pro and sometimes cons…

    as for the no abuse Grandad I suppose now we all should start singing ‘lets get ready to rumble’ by ant and dec… hmmm
    good man arnie!
    slรกn go foill

  13. Peter – Mention of Ant and the other bloke is liable to get you barred from here ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Elite eh? That’s good. Thanks for the encouraging words grandad – I’ll chalk it up to experience – and have my ‘kick some butt’ boots standing by for the future…!

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