I entertained a president — 15 Comments

  1. Had you gone to Clare with him on Monday, you could simply have given him a shove and saved the cost of the coffee.

    Talking of Dustin, they said they were having Dana on Morning Ireland to talk about it (I switched to Lyric at that point). There are people who take the thing seriously.

    JD will have lots to laugh at.

  2. By the way, talking of dead people coming back, I notice Kent have a bowler called Yasir Arafat!

  3. Grannymar – My only regret is that I didn’t get a photograph of him surrounded by the army. As usual, my batteries ran out. Old age again…

    Ian – I think he’s happier wandering the bogs. Maybe I should invite Yasir Arafat around for coffee?

  4. Huh. Jefferson Davis must have been pres. around the 60s then. Did he arrive in a Jefferson Airplane? Give or take a century or so?

  5. Sam – I think he has been president all along, but nobody realised it. Of course, that means you can cancel that circus that’s going on at the moment.

    Jefferson Airplane? You’ll be accusing me of seeing white rabbits next?

  6. You forgot to take his celly! He called me from the bogs last night at about midnight your time. He asked me if I knew how to get to Bray. I told him the best way was through a general malaise and a criminal background.

  7. I’m very glad to see that you have standards and intend to maintain them ……….. you are the flagship of all that is great about the grey blogger ………. thank you

  8. Brianf – Shit! I knew I forgot something. It’s OK – I dispatched K8 up there today to find him and lose him in a bog hole. Incidentally, you are spot on about Bray!

    Daddy P – I have little left except my integrity. I have very high standards and even higher mountains covered in bogs.

    Sam – I didn’t see a white rabbit – I heard it. It’s name is Harvey.

  9. Haha good on you Grandad. I hope he didn’t puke on your shoes . . has a habit of doing that after a beer or two!

  10. Oddly enough, the missus and I have an anniversary coming up on June 2nd and, coincidentally, we’ve been married for 119 years.

  11. You sure the Guinness didn’t come before the coffee? Some of them are okay? Surely.

  12. Baino – No. He missed and got the dog. She was more than a little surprised.

    RhodesTer – Congratulations! Has the first glow worn off yet?

    Leslie – One or two. I wasn’t sure whether he was a tourist or on a State Visit, so I decided to play it safe.

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