Granny Whiplash — 17 Comments

  1. Darren – Is that an offer?

    Thrifty – I take it that isn’t?

    Popeye – πŸ˜‰

  2. Grandad,

    Best way to make money with whiplash is to get a friend to run into the back of your car and then drive off. You report an unknown driver hit the back of your car and that you have severe pains. Compo will pay for a holiday in France and a few cases of wine.

    (I hear you say that such things could not happen in this country)

  3. Ian – That would be fraud! Granny’s way involves no injury, except maybe to the client. It also keeps her out of mischief.

  4. Not that I would know anything about it, but there’s always knitted willie warmers πŸ™‚ The weather would be right over there for something useful like that, and it wouldn’t put the general population at risk. There’s always that itchy wool factor…but ehhhh it’s a feature πŸ™‚

  5. 5 pounds a night reminds me of the old joke where she says I made $100 and 10 cents last night. Who gave you 10 cents ? All of them.

  6. Another time I was sat by the Dam one afternoon chatting to two Cloggie ladies when one said to the other; and I paraphrase; “I’ve had 40 cocks in my mouth today.” Kind of put me off doing any business.

  7. Haha . . or she could just do phone sex whilst finishing the ironing! “ooh baby . . ooh yeah!”

  8. Granny could make a fortune knitting anatomically correct life-sized dolls for lonely men! Available in Fair Isle or Aran. And lonely ladies deserve a woolly companion too for when the nights start drawing in. 100 euro uncut, 99.50 circumcised.

    She could knit herself into history! Course, they’d need to be fully machine washable.

  9. Stepford Mum – Willie warmers? I don’t know much about them. You wouldn’t have a pattern or two you could spare?

    TT – You do keep very strange company. Have you thought of moving?

    Baino – She tried that but the customers complained that she was too explicit.

    Sam – You could be on to something with that? It’s amazing the effects that can be achieved with a drop of cable stitching…. The only problem is that they would probably shrink in the wash?

  10. Paddy – Inflation is a terrible thing. But you can take it from me – deflation is worse.

  11. Go girl, go !!!

    Willy warmers – we call them brass monkey warmers in this neck of the world πŸ™‚

    Talk about a girl’s ability to multi-task ; iron & phone chats πŸ˜€ Great skills there !!!

    I’m taking notes; gonna have to talk to the hubs as I want to make some “pin” money and you’ve inspired me:

    Can knit
    Can iron
    Can handle a phone
    Can handle other things as well


  12. Medstudentwife – Go for it. It’s all in the handling.

    Peter K – Buy what for a dollar? A willy warmer? Herself? She’s a lot more expensive than that [plus V.A.T.]

    I like the photo, but I’d have to shave the beard. That’s a no no.

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