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  1. Tee hee! We spent the weekend relaxing, reading and painting (and looking for the cat, who disappeared for a while). ‘Twas a great weekend!

  2. Darren – What is it with this painting crap? Or did you get the idea from me? I take it the cat returned safely? [Probably went to Brittas Bay!]

  3. I paint (well, I try to). It’s very relaxing and the perfect way to spend a lazy weekend.

    As for the cat, I think she runs the local mafia. She looks very shifty and the other cats in the neighbourhood seem to be afraid of her. I’m going to keep an eye on the situation.

  4. Grandad,

    Thank you for your link to my memories of Mrs Warboys day out. I did search for a video of where she gets out of the car on the motorway and walks to the service station to buy crisps, but couldn’t find it, nor could I find any clips of the horse’s bottom in front of poor Victor.

    Herself tells me that when she went to the airport yesterday afternoon, the tailback of cars at a standstill on the M50 had passed the Carrickmines junction.

  5. Ian – My pleasure. The rule here in the mountains is to stay put during weekends. We venture out when the peasants are at work, especially in fine weather.

    Brianf – Chance would be a fine thing. I’m slaving away here in the orchard with the birds singing in the trees and the sun beating down. Thank God for wireless 😉

  6. I would have thought with today being Berties resignation day that there would be much rejoiceing.

  7. ah the Irish summer, I am making every minute of it count, will continue to do so after reading your post – my brother-in-law was lucky enough to fly in for a visit the day before yesterday, got an awesome view of Ireland, he says he has never seen so many shades of green, must have been a beautiful sight!!!

  8. I enjoyed this little tidbit of seasonal information Grandad! And Sandy looks like she’s enjoying ever second of the heatwave! 🙂

  9. Brianf – Partial rejoicing. We have yet to see what type of gobshite Biffo is.

    Natalie – Nice timing! It’s good weather for flying all right, but they took my licence off me [long story…]

    Olga – That flaming dog has me knackered. She has just beaten me again – 6-4, 5-7, 6-2.

  10. I always imagine your place being the house in the movie ‘Cold comfort Farm.” You are the Ian McKellen character and herself being the crazy old lady.

  11. It must be the Dublin summer you’re thinking of. The majority of us don’t go to Brittas Bay.

  12. TT – Very close!!

    Baino – No. It’s winter there 😉

    Bock – Eastern half of Ireland. Everyone else heads for Bundoran or Barleycove.

  13. Indeed. However, many head for Kilkee, Spanish Point, Castlegregory or Ballybunion. Many more go to resorts in Galway or Mayo.

  14. Bock,

    Can you still get the train to Kilkee and is the driver still called Michael?

  15. No. All the lines were closed down by Tubridy’s fucking grandfather.

  16. I agree, Grandad. Following on from Ireland’s recent troubles of the last few decades, now it’s the HEAT.

    Ireland has just experienced 5 days of 20+ degrees temperature and the country is in disbelief and protests, with cries witnessed as;

    – I can’t work in these conditions!
    – Somebody needs to install AirCon in this building or I’m suing
    – This car is no good – I need a convertable
    – This BBQ is in shite, I need to go to B+Q and get a new one
    – What d’ya mean you’ve no ice?
    – 4 pints of Bulmers please
    – How can that oul fella wear a cap and a coat in this weather?

    The answer now is to SACK SUMMER and appoint something else in it’s place because it doesn’t go down to well….like….

    ROI soccer team – didn’t qualify for World Cup / Euro 08 – sack manager
    Irish rugby team – didn’t win World Cup / 6 Nations – sack manager
    Bertie Ahern – alleged dodgy cash-launderer and in a Tribunal anyway – sack him
    Summer 2008 – was hot and not supposed to be – sack it

  17. Spag – You are, of course, quite right. I have arranged for this unseasonal weather to cease forthwith. It shall piss down all weekend. 😉

  18. Hey your incoming link just popped in to say hello over at my Lada blog!!! Thanks for that daddyo… I never noticed that the first time I read this!

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