A sting in the tale — 8 Comments

  1. I believe they do serve a purpose, but that said I, like you, will dispatch them readilly (while treating all others with karma augmenting respect). I distinctly remember in senior infants having one crawl over my face, the teacher saying “don’t move” but I couldn’t resist. It stung me beside my right eye, the bastard. A pox on all their hives. Oh that image reminds me of a Dr. Who episode, the proper one, with Tom Baker.

  2. It’s cockroaches for me. I hate the bastards. Don’t mind anything else. I was stung by a jellyfish a long time ago. On my arm. Left arm. In the Irish sea. Wonder if it was the same one that got you.
    William Hartnell. The first Dr Who. I think.

  3. Fire ants for me ,they emigrated from S America and now slowly taking over the world.They’re not walking they’re coming along with those bloody tourists on they’re planes and ships.

  4. Thrifty – If you find out what their purpose is, could you let me know please?

    TT – Probably the same jelly fish, if by chance he [or she?] had swum around to the south coast?

    June – Are you beginning to see the sense in tourist culling?

  5. If that giant wasp ever lands on you, you’ll be lucky to survive!

    Some Queen, eh?

  6. They kill and eat caterpillars which otherwise consume my veg. in the garden.

  7. We’re slowly being introduced to what is affectionately called the European Wasp but none in my neck of the woods, maybe they’ve been eaten by the funnel webs, redbacks, mud wasps, or red bellied black snakes . . .ah gotta love a thing that stings . . . so what’s the purpose of a mosquito then other than spreading disease and polluting your water?

  8. Steph – So the Queen Wasp has survived to sting another day? God help us!

    Thrifty – Do they? I didn’t know that. Sorry, but I remain unmoved and will continue to slaughter the little buggers.

    Baino – We don’t need mosquitoes in this country to spread disease and poison the water. We have a Health Service and local councils who are much more efficient.

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