What do women get up to? — 17 Comments

  1. Don’t most guys dream of having their partners (politically correct) ask for another woman to be brought home ???

  2. Paul – Do they? It depends on what the other woman is brought home for? As I said – I didn’t dare ask.

    Actually, you got the first two comments. But I got the third…..

  3. I learned some time ago that we (men) are much better off not knowing what women are up to.

    I remember my father telling me a few years ago:
    “Son, never try to understand a woman.”

    Best piece of advice I ever got.

  4. You know what a woman is? Long hair and glasses.

    Always knew there was something not quite right with that John Lennon fella. Thanks for clarifying!

  5. Robert – Very very sound advice.

    Longman Oz – I hadn’t thought of that. Food for thought?? You could be right.

    Brianf – You are weird.

    Popeyemoon – Somehow, I feel safer with a locked door, a shotgun and a guard dog.

  6. Perhaps they are plotting how to take down more terrourist? Then again, they could be plotting the opposite!

    I asked my great Uncle one time to give me tips about women. He said, “Boy, I’m 93 years old, and I’m still learning…good luck”. I just roll with the punches, plates, or whatever is coming my way. 🙂

  7. Like i said run like hell,or live in your room.Do take ,Sandy and your shotgun.Give it a few day’s till they worried about you,and say I had a few pints and went hunting tourist.

  8. Downunder our indigenous people have a great tradition which translates; “Secret Women’s Business” . . .the men are not allowed to know what goes on. Perfect!

  9. That’s why I’m single ….. with two dogs for company.

    The only way I could ever understand a female was from a distance …. the closer I got to a female (especially one I liked) the more of a blubbering idiot I became. Easier to give up the ghost with chasing women than to endure the ignominy of remaining a babbling idiot.

    These day I do my babbling online.

  10. JD – I tend to duck for the plates and roll with the punches. I just chance to luck with the frying pan.

    Popeye – Herself might get worried but I doubt the woman would. She had never met me before.

    Baino – How can you have “Secret Women’s Business” between total strangers? I just picked her off the street. She could have been [and actually was] anybody.

  11. Paddy – Stick with the dogs. They’re much better, though there are some things they aren’t good for, unless you are into besti…. No. I won’t go down that road.

    If you are worried about being a blubbering idiot in front of women, try chloroform or a Tazer. It works for me.

  12. Okay – I’m lost ?? !!!

    hmmm…maybe I’m intruding in a conversation I shouldn’t even be near…


    I’m going to the back of the room…

    out of the building…

    I wasn’t even here…

  13. I have a dazzer ….. it’s for dogs …… any good on women?

    Not into the ‘whole’ beastiality scene ….. I could never slot in! :mrgreen:

    Paddy Bloggit is straight, not twisted …. ….. years of using the iron to get the wrinkles out has ensured that Paddy is as straight as a die!

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