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  1. I wish these came out years ago. I used to teach at a seniors centre and a nice simple stripped down system with the least amount of buttons to deal with would have gon a long way.

    But I can imagine my Grandma (93) at the Centre saying “In my day we had to..”


  2. Some of the newer models even have built in cup-holders! Make sure you wear a seat belt though, I hear they crash a lot.

  3. Just beware of the social networking types when you do sally forth on the virtual highways and byways. They vant to vead your vlog.

  4. “coloured screens and all.”
    They are African-American screens!
    “And large print.”
    Now that’s just rude!!

    IBM tried this awhile ago. It was called the PC Junior.

  5. You are all confusing me. Seat belts? Social Networking? Why?

    Karyn – I have managed to find the coffee cup holder. I am taking it very slowly indeed.

    Brianf – Why is large print rude?

  6. I think that Brianf would like you to say “horizontally-challenged print” so as to be PC about your PC!

  7. That poor print could just be big boned or maybe it has a glandular problem. It may even be genetic that causes it to be of a different size. We need to be more sensitive to the feelings and needs of thoses of us who may be different. It’s a multi-cultural society we now live in and there is no place for insensitivity. In our attempt to insure that everyone is treated the same as everyone else we are now instituting a new protocol on the interwebiclas. We are going to call it Sen-Sure-Ship.
    Sensitivity, Sure. It’s on my Ship!
    Pretty catchy eh?
    We already have the Mainstream Media on our side as well as college professors, lecturers, democrats and the majority of politicians.
    We are in the process of setting up an enforement bureau. We can’t decide whether to call it Gestapo, Stazi, KGB or BATF.
    It’s now time for you come along quietly, old man. We’re keeping our eye on you.

  8. tt, Not a bad idea but they would have to change their name so as to not offend African-Americans. Maybe we’ll call it either “Fresh Water” or maybe just…”Act and think like we do or we’ll kill you, you Capitalist Pig Dog”. What do you think?

  9. I don’t believe old people should be allowed near computers. They don’t understand them and never will. Leave all this new-fandangled gadgetry to us youngsters who know what we’re talking about. Be cool, man, and don’t have a cow!

  10. this will be a god send, maybe my dad will now stop trying the send “txt mails” with the toaster… i mean the wireless phone

  11. You could always set up an alert to tell you if you died. That way you wouldn’t need to wait for the paper to tell you.

    And why would you want to use the computer to make a prescription. Everyone knows you just need to scrawl random shapes on a piece of paper. At least thats what they look like to me.

    By the way. When did C & S start making the bowls stackable?

  12. Coffee cup holder. Now there’s an in-joke if ever I heard one!

    I used to run training programmes in IT literacy for seniors, and I have personally witnessed many of the gaffes people joke about, although I never did see anyone actually try to use the CD drive as a coffee cup holder.

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