I have been had again — 13 Comments

  1. Thank you very much mister. I want to know if you prefer dark hairs or grey hairs in your beard (as opposed to in your soup)?

  2. I remember Geary’s on St Stephens Green. Think I was buying Air-Fix for the Brothers.

  3. I looked at Eolai’s site this morning, but didn’t have time to do anything and came home to find one of the ones I had my eye on had gone – but I did get a nice bird table.

    The standing stones look interesting, but would perhaps not be the best choice for a Rectory hallway.

  4. Eolaí – My pleasure. I will wait to see if I get any more questions first, before answering. Looks like no one is interested!

    Grannymar – The best shop in town. Climbing those steps was like climbing the stairs to heaven – especially if I had 2/6 in my sweaty hand!

    Ian – I did wonder about the Standing Stones and an appropriate place to hang it. I don’t think a Rectory hallway would work?

  5. I got one of these tag things recently and didn’t do it, i meant to but forgot, what will happen to me now?

  6. Roy – That is a question I can answer straight away…. Unless you have stated a dislike to the things [and therefore absolved yourself], you will either have to snog Mary Harney, or burn forever in hell. Take your pick.

  7. You sound like a kindred spirit, Grandad. By the way, I looked up Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch on Wikipedia (congrats on the spelling by the way, picked it right up) and not only is there a rather large article on the village itself but an embedded audio player that plays the correct pronunciation of the name. The guy doing the pronouncing sounds authentic but you’d have to judge for yourself.

  8. I have no idea how old I was but I was still in a crib. It felt like the whole world was downstairs and I had awakend from a nap. I climbed out of my crib and made my way to the stairs. Here is where I did the backward down-climb that all toddlers do when navigating a staircase. After making my way to the first floor I toddled around checking everyone out. I was in the living room when I spied my grandfathers glass of beer. I have no doubt it was Ballentine Ale. I made my way towards it and picked it up and toddled off with it. At this point I could say that my next memory was waking up with two beautiful babes beside me in bed but I’d be lieing. For fucks sake I was about 3 years old. I do remember my Aunt Theresa taking the glass of beer from me in the kitchen and all the grownups laughing about me walking around with a glass of beer. I was placated with a glass Welsch’s grape juice.

  9. We used to have an amazing model shop. Also atop a bicycle shop coincidentally. DrummerBoy and I would spend hours marvelling at fully functional toy railways and replica planes. Sadly it was burned down last year and they never rebuilt. I loved the smell of airfix glue and brand new bicycles.

  10. i joined rathmines library just the other day and was utterly charmed with how nice the lady at the desk was and how nervous she seemed to be when she was showing me around. i used to use the ballyfermot one all the time as a kid, being back there made me feel like i was 6 again.

    no danger of my books falling off my carrier though, as some swine stole my bike.

  11. Kirk M – Try saying it when you are drunk! The trick is to get someone else to pronounce it, and when he/she has finished, reply “that’s easy for you to say” !!

    Brianf – On the pints at three? Fair play! I know I was 18 months because I described my mothers housecoat to her years later, and she told me she had thrown it out just after we moved house [from next door!]. I was 18 months old when we moved.

    Baino – Sniffing glue and rubber. An unbeatable combination……

    Rosie – I haven’t been in that library since. I’d say it has changed a bit since the 50s? It used to be Adults on the ground floor, and Children upstairs.

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