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  1. My problem is I am too stubborn to quit until I get it right…which can take hours…maybe days!!! So I never Sudoku past 8pm. 😉

  2. The wife likes the hex version in the Indo on Sat. Keeps her awake all hours though. Why she likes it I just don’t know, she doesn’t even know (or want to know) what hex is.

  3. Sudoku only makes me sleepy when I get stuck and can’t find the solution. Then I stare at it until I go google eyed and start nodding off. 🙂

  4. Sinéad – No. Not forgiven. Dislike memes… Have done that meme sveral times. I’ll see what I can do! 😉

    Ian – Classic!! Even I might get that finished before dropping off?

    Betty – It’s the other way around with me – as soon as I look at it, I start nodding. If it’s really tricky, I wake up again!

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