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  1. I’ve received two booklets now. Do you want one of mine? I bet if I posted it today you’d still get it before Willie sends you your allocated one.

  2. Darren – So that’s where mine went? No. You keep it. If there is a National Emergency I’ll just dial 999. I’ll be fine, and you’re twice as safe now.

  3. No bother. Actually, you probably wouldn’t get it, with the state of the postal service at the moment. A letter was sent to us from the US a few weeks ago, on the same day as one from Galway. Guess which one arrived first?

  4. Yep, it’s all a pile of poo alright. If things get sufficiently unpleasant the overworked and populace might cease to be placated by shit reality tv and rise up against the vested interests that have been screwing them for the last while? No? Not even a little bit likely? Go on go on go on….

    “A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves.” E.R. Murrow

  5. Grandad, I am still awaiting my Millenium candle, Euro converter and my piece of forest. Are these items also integral to the emergency plan and are some of us being left out for a reason? Bit of a conspiracy theorist, me.

  6. Thrifty – Are you doing anything tomorrow? Are you interested in starting a revolution?

    Spaghetti – I forgot about the Euro converter! I actually got one, and it still works. It’s about the only thing the government did that worked properly.

  7. Be fair to the Plank. He said that they just bought that guys claim.

    That’ll stop him gold mining!

  8. Thrifty – Is that the one with Russel Crowe in it?

    5h4mr0(k – But the whole point of the court case was that The Plank claimed he had full claim to the land himself. Land Grabber!!!

  9. Help me granddad!!! I have just joined the waiting game today. My name is on the new members list, but I dont know how to write in my first blog entry. I keep back to my profile but there is nowhere to write anything.


  10. According to the article I read yesterday the funny thing about this Plank guy is that his neighbor had a deed to the land and when he produced it in court the judge turned to the Plank and said…..Pay up or give it up, Mr. Plank.

  11. Euro converter?

    We never got one of those.

    I’ll swap you one unopened pack of iodine tablets, one emergency booklet, one tree in Kilkenny and a partly used millennium candle for a Euro converter.

    It’s good to be miserable again. Irish people never really did that Celtic Tiger stuff. Look at all the traditional ballads – lots of misery.

    Come now, a few verses of “Isn’t it grand boys?”

    After three. One, two, three . . .

  12. While most unborn generations will be talking up their family heirloom trees in Kilkenny being worth 6 billion euro each, my direct descendants are going to feel well pissed off with just an old milk bottle with a fading Dublin Millenium 1988 logo printed on it…..

  13. I’d say there wasn’t a man or woman in the country who didn’t want the Plank to lose his shirt on it, and it looks like they got their wish.

  14. I guess hitting your head off the wall gets tiring after while.

    The more people do wrong …. the more they want to do more wrong ….

    Apathy is the biggest thing Grandad …. nobody gives a shit about wrong and right anymore.

    If the Pope had any real moral conscience he wouldn’t have met with Bush.

  15. Grandad

    Keep taking the pills and all will be well with the world!

    We never got the iodine tablets or the Euro converter but we did get a millennium candle and a bit of a millennium forest.

    I reckon that makes it 50/50 we’ll see an emergency booklet.
    We should be okay as I’ve got stashed away, a supply of antibiotics for treating anthrax poisoning.

    Any offers?

  16. And in breaking news….15 year olds are being horribly bullied at school…and fair or not Mary Hanafin is being tagged with that one.

  17. Peter – Just noticed you up at the top. What the hell are you talking about??????????????

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