Come on baby light my fire — 18 Comments

  1. Yeah, I thought the flammible gas was supposed to come out the backside. I seem to have a flatulence theme to my comments on your blog for some reason?

  2. Thrifty – This is that type of place. I’ll open the windows.

    Popeye – She really lights me up!!

  3. They’re timber conscious in China, so it’s mainly firelighters. In fancy gift shops you sometimes come across packs of ten matchboxes with portraits of famous WWll generals (Ike & some Russian, Zhdanov I think, great allies until the cold war) or there are boxes with glorified mugshots of Stalin, Lenin, Mao, full Marx and the other great firelighters. Bring back the old-style matchboxes with saucy bathing beauties! They’ll light me up again.

  4. Being the stupid fecking Yank that I am I have always been amazed that one has to purchase matches in almost every other country of the world. Here packs of matches are given away. Go into any corner store and purchase a pack of smokes or pouch of tobacco and just take a couple of packs of matches out of the box on the counter. Personally I have used a Zippo lighter for the past 20 years.

  5. Grannymar – Behind closed curtains.

    Brianf – Just to be on the safe side, I always carry a couple of Boy Scouts to rub together.

  6. Stick away ….. you’re only doing the natural thing! Just be careful you keep the Boys Scouts away from the process.

    They might get their fingers burned!

  7. I have a serious problem with childproof things. My 8 year old nephew however comes in handy and shows me how to get round them. Don’t by lighters from Peru, they explode when you drop them! True story.

  8. JD – I’ll keep one for you. Do you mind if her flint is all used up?

    Baino – Please ship me 1000 lighters from Peru. They sound like they’d make great grenades?

    K8 – Wha?

  9. LOL, my husband complains about the same thing. I keep matches in the kitchen for lighting candles/incense and stuff like that but he always has a lighter. Poor boy dosn’t have one with a hottie on it though to refill like yours,lol…he just has to suffer with a sprained thumb, ha!

  10. I’ve never successfully re-filled a gas lighter or a gas anything for that matter, I just freeze my fingers off!

  11. Robert – The ones with the semi naked women hold more gas than the ones with sailing ships. Is there a moral there?

  12. My Mum gives out about the fact that all she can get are child proof lighters, there are no children in the house, and heaven forbid thay ever take anthing from her place where she has her smoke.

    I just snap off the little plastic thing on the button, the spring pops out but the lighter work perfect. I might be doing something illegal , but the main thing is she has arthritis and does not need this kinda sh** in her life.

    They still work perfectly when the safety thing is off, as far as I know all shops in ireland have to sell these now. When did this happen ? Another thing that annoys me is the little signs saying you can only get on packet of lemsip or anything like that, since when did people start using petrol stations to solve their lemsip addiction !

  13. Hi Robert, and welcome 😉

    The ones they sell here are the ordinary plunge-button ones. All they have done is to make the spring stronger. There is nothing I can do about that except apply the extra pressure.

    I wonder just how many fires were started by young children playing with lighters? And why can’t the parents just teach them not to play with fire?

    Don’t get me started again!!!!

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