Porridge in the morning — 21 Comments

  1. Uncanny that. Just this morning there was a man knocking on my door with soft hat – I didn’t hear him either. Not surprising I suppose.

  2. Bock – That is extremely rude! I’ll have none of that here.

    Primal – Tell him to use the knocker next time?

  3. Grandad,

    Are you sure that it wasn’t the parish priest doing a pastoral call and that he just humoured you in order to get out of the company of someone he thought quite mad?


    (who, while you were lying in bed this morning, had breakfast in town, went to the record shops in the arcade, bought three books in Hodges Figgis and is going to the pub at five to watch the rugby – humungous number of brownie points used up in a day!)

  4. Whatever he’s charging you …. We’ll do it for 10% less (not inclusive of other related charges; tea-break surcharge, brown envelope contribution for Bertie/Cowen – we’re in transition so a slightly higher fee here, bog roll costs, tool hire – me and the bruver).

    Cheap at the price Grandad …. and we don’t fleece auld lads …. unless it’s in putting up gutters/fascia/soffit that’s not needed …. but we’ll do it anyway and present the ginormous bill to you, allowing you the privilege of being intimidated and robbed at the same time.

    On second thoughts …. here’s the bill ….. pay it now …. we’ll be around to finish the job later.

  5. Grannymar – I ended up having a boiled egg. But not egg on my face.

    Ian – I am still waiting for the Pastoral Visit. I have my Pentangle and severed goats head prominently on display in the porch.

    TT – He was little [by my standards] and he did ask questions but he wasn’t a lep… Leastwise, I saw no sign of a pot of gold.

    Paddy – You’re on. Do you use the pupils for hard labour? Fair play!

  6. Bock – Feck off outa here. I’ll have no sport related discussions on this site.

  7. Grandad,

    Bock’s question isn’t about sport – it’s about that ancient Irish quandary about who one hates the most. Coming from Somerset, where the neighbouring county is Gloucester, and living in Leinster, where the neighbouring province is Munster, which should I most dislike?

    PS. I sometimes get phoned up by little old ladies wanting me to decorate their kitchen or put up shelves – I have a namesake in Blackrock who specialises in such things – I must get Paddy Bloggit’s details and put them on to him.

  8. I thought the new religion was Retail Therapy, and the new Vatican was Dundrum Shopping Centre?

    And Ian – in your position, you should be more tolerant. You shouldn’t be using words like ‘hate’ and ‘dislike’.

  9. Grandad,

    You have to remember that Protestants do the Old Testament as well as the New – we are not averse to a bit of smiting!

    Anyway, the team I disliked least beat the team I disliked most and you haven’t yet shared with us a sketch of this work.

  10. Leaving all that aside, I must point out to you that we won comprehensively.

  11. Laura – Do you think so? I wasn’t awake enough to notice.

    Baino – It’s a bit top secret at the moment. If the CIA find out, I’m screwed.

    Ian – I like a bit of smiting. Do you have any application forms lying around?

    So the lesser of two evils won, huh?

    Bock – You are the lesser of two evils. I always suspected ….

  12. What are you getting done, Grandad? If it’s a big job don’t forget to get a written quote.

  13. Yay! You’re finally getting around to building that time-machine? About bloody time, too. Hey at least when it’s finished you can go back to this morning and figure out what yer man was all about…

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