Bertie Ahern vs The Mad Cow and Gormless — 8 Comments

  1. John Gormley is more like the guy who saw the iceberg but only too late. They all knew about it long ago but like twenty said over on his post:

    “The Fianna Fail party is following the same line, circle the wagons, obfuscate and dissimulate, do what they’ve always done and allow those most corrupt to shirk their personal responsibility. The ‘deny everything’ culture fostered under CJH.”

    It is the nerve of him. Any other country and he would step down while things are being investigated. Peter Hain in the U.K. and even Ian Paisley Jr. in N.I. stood down over alleged financial impropriety.

    Christ, I mean the governor of New York resigned over visiting a prostitute! Presumably over the shame it brought on his leadership.

    Bertie certainly has no shame and doesn’t see himself as having done anything wrong which is why the little snivelling git is still there.

  2. Great post grandad.

    This period in government will seriously damage the Greens. In the next general election, thanks to civil war politics, FF are still probably guaranteed 40% of the vote. The Greens, on the other hand, though giddy on power now, stand to lose support due to manner in which they stood by meekly and didn’t make a peep while Bertie rolled out explanation after explanation for all his magical money.

    I realise this is generally not a heavy, political blog so… errr… fuck, cunt, shit, bollix.

    There – that should do it. [slaps hands together in “job well done” motion and leaves]

  3. Robert – I think Gormless thought he was on a ship sailing to the Tropics. I am utterly baffled as to how Ahern has the sheer neck to not only hold onto to power, but to insist all the time that he is blameless. Any person would step down, as you say if they had any morals at all.

    TBA – We have seen the death of the PDs brought about by their strict adherence to FF. Now, I think we are witnessing the last desperate gasps of the Greens.

  4. Shoot them all and put in a junta of 30 somethings like myself. We’ll sort it out. By force if necessary. Our slogan could be “FF: The choice of an old generation” (no offence intended, you strike me as young at heart. Irreverant anyway)

  5. Thrifty – I agree with the first three words, but the rest of that sentence worries me. 30 somethings? You need experience, sanity and wisdom. I’m free?

  6. ‘The Haughey School of Economics’? Pah. I’m a graduate. ‘What these old things, darling? Had them AGES’ heh.

  7. You need vim and vigour to operate a good Junta. Propaganda however is another matter, I reckon you’d fit in there nicely. Do you have any recommendations for the most propaganda friendly coup date 😉

  8. Thrifty – The army supplies the vim and vigour. That’s what they are there for. All three of them.

    Unfortunately we have missed the ideal dat – Paddy’s Day – it’s the only time when all the turds are guaranteed to be out of the country.

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