Voices in my head — 9 Comments

  1. Ha! I wish it were. I type a paragraph and then have to wait for it to appear. And that damned voice is doing me head in!

  2. mmm…doesn’t sound like anything to be too worried about.

    at least, not to me…

    ;’ )

  3. That would scare the hell out of me… if I was you I’d put the laptop in the freezer for a while.

  4. I recommend two fingers of whiskey and a bowl,you should recover,if not do it again.

  5. Doc – Are you used to these voices talking to you? Maybe you should be worried?

    K8 – I left it out in the rain all day. That seems to have done the trick. It doesn’t work at all now.

    Popeyemoon – The best suggestion of the lot. Though it did mean a massive head on me and I missed a day’s blogging!

  6. PC You have made a request to open a cd drive which is currently in use..

    Me Well F**king finish what you are doing with it and then open it! OK, Dont tell me about it, just do it.

  7. Sam – You must admit.. PCs can be bloody irritating at times. No logic to ’em at all….

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