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  1. I’ve never met a cannibal, but I’ve always wondered if the phrase ‘don’t bite the hand that feeds you’ confuses them.

  2. I’ve always personally been very dissapointed with the fact that there are no good recipies including finger and toe-nail clippings. Besides french-onion soup, of course.

  3. I wonder how the ‘product’ is graded and more importantly if there is transparent traceability?

    Personally, I prefer the breast myself ….. 😉

  4. Sugar Britches – Of course we bite the hand that feeds us.

    DDarragh – I would have replied earlier, but I have been out all day.

    K8 – Glad to see your are keeping up the family traditions.

    TT – Or a bottle of Chianti?

    Nick – Sorry, but not that bloke. I have my own plentiful supply, but I lack the cooking skills. I am tired of American Pie. I must drop Manuel a line though. I wonder if he gets many requests?

    Thrifty and Paddy – I do like my ingredients to be traceable. I usually rely on luggage tags and passports. I wouldn’t trust anything that came on the Internet though. And I’m a leg man myself, Paddy.

  5. Pipe smoking still seems to be tolerated if you’re a world-renowned academic expert who is prepared to linger in front of stacked bookshelves and pontificate on to desperate journos about the issue of the day. You’ll be a dab hand at that, I’m sure.

    Cannibalism? Hmm, try our nearest neighbour, Papua New Guinea. They gave it a try and have some wonderfully exotic dishes such as kava which is truly mindbending stuff. Also, wouldn’t the depraved guys of psycho-criminal folklore have developed a few recipes beyond the eleven secret herbs and spices?

  6. I know a good sangoma (witchdoctor) so I could ask him if he has any interesting recipes for you grandad.

  7. As Kath says Grandad, you might still find a few cannibals in PNG where we are referred to as ‘long pig’.

    Long way to go for a take out tho . . .

  8. Kath – Thanks for the tip on Papua New Guinea. Do they have a local Amazon website?

    H – I’m not getting into that one. I might upset my PC friends Up North.

    Jayne – If you could? Please?

    Neighbour – You wouldn’t like to drop around for dinner some evening?

  9. I might drop in for a bite myself. We could catch a fat dole-scrounging scumbag and feed a family of tinkers with him. (I hope this doesn’t upset your northern PC friends too much).

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