Head Roaming — 20 Comments

  1. Green Ink – He may have been there. I don’t think I met anyone though who was looking for a bigger cock.

    Robert – My site, but it looks a lot nicer. I think I’ll run all my posts through babelfish in the future before publishing.

  2. … and then, you can run them through again, from chinese into english, and post the result 🙂

    the headline should look something like this:

    The head stroll nearby the Irish old citizens Grant’s head I senilly to forget I never like in any event people, the good luck run into that □I, tells the difference with the eyesight.

  3. Cathy – I actually tried that. Unfortunately, the grammar is weird…

    I have received an e-mail last Saturday night.

    This is not a very long message, but let me worried.

    It said: “You know you want a big rooster, do not waste your time.”

    Now, I have never thought of this size I have no size of the rooster? I started trouble.

    Yeoh called on yesterday, because we had some practice shooting in charge of the valley. I told him that on the mailbox, he provided assistance.

    He said he did not think that the most important size. He asked to see, therefore, I told him that my rooster.

    Looks like a good specimen, “he says.
    “I have seen one or two larger all right, but certainly the large-size”

    Thank you, “said one

    Nice colour, “said him.

    Thank you, “said one

    He looked at it from all angles, he watched it from a distance, and he watched it from close.

    “If I have a rooster, I will be very pleased,” he said: “It looks very healthy, whether to do everything possible to do what?”

    “It says:” 1.

    “In these circumstances, I will not worry,” he said.

    Good News, I can not to worry.

    Cock, and then flew on the shed roof and crowded lustily.


  4. One chicken curry with fried rice please glannnnnnnnnndad.

    (I see my alter ego above has moved to the US ……….. Paddy Bombit all dot com 🙂

  5. Popeyemoon – I cannot find a serious answer to your problem!

    Paddy – Is that a 36? And that’s what you get for using cheap American servers…

    Anto – I would love to see the Google searches that find that site. 😉

  6. I hear if you feed Viagra to your chicken you’ll get a 6 inch egg every morning. Or is that 6 eggs and a creamer? I can never get that straight…

  7. Ha ha, I love it! Great find!

    You’ve been black-hat-seo’d… that’s what those [censored] [censored] [censored]stards do…

  8. Bob – If you get your 6 inch egg, you have to eat it quickly. After a few hours, it’s bach to a one inch egg.

    Darragh – They love me really!

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