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  1. Green Ink – He may have been there. I don’t think I met anyone though who was looking for a bigger cock.

    Robert – My site, but it looks a lot nicer. I think I’ll run all my posts through babelfish in the future before publishing.

  2. … and then, you can run them through again, from chinese into english, and post the result 🙂

    the headline should look something like this:

    The head stroll nearby the Irish old citizens Grant’s head I senilly to forget I never like in any event people, the good luck run into that □I, tells the difference with the eyesight.

  3. Cathy – I actually tried that. Unfortunately, the grammar is weird…

    I have received an e-mail last Saturday night.

    This is not a very long message, but let me worried.

    It said: “You know you want a big rooster, do not waste your time.”

    Now, I have never thought of this size I have no size of the rooster? I started trouble.

    Yeoh called on yesterday, because we had some practice shooting in charge of the valley. I told him that on the mailbox, he provided assistance.

    He said he did not think that the most important size. He asked to see, therefore, I told him that my rooster.

    Looks like a good specimen, “he says.
    “I have seen one or two larger all right, but certainly the large-size”

    Thank you, “said one

    Nice colour, “said him.

    Thank you, “said one

    He looked at it from all angles, he watched it from a distance, and he watched it from close.

    “If I have a rooster, I will be very pleased,” he said: “It looks very healthy, whether to do everything possible to do what?”

    “It says:” 1.

    “In these circumstances, I will not worry,” he said.

    Good News, I can not to worry.

    Cock, and then flew on the shed roof and crowded lustily.


  4. That made me crow!Now i have to find something to do, with my cock a doodle doo. 🙂

  5. One chicken curry with fried rice please glannnnnnnnnndad.

    (I see my alter ego above has moved to the US ……….. Paddy Bombit all dot com 🙂

  6. Popeyemoon – I cannot find a serious answer to your problem!

    Paddy – Is that a 36? And that’s what you get for using cheap American servers…

    Anto – I would love to see the Google searches that find that site. 😉

  7. Grannymar told me twas a 69 …… and no twas a Chinese served us not American 😉

  8. I hear if you feed Viagra to your chicken you’ll get a 6 inch egg every morning. Or is that 6 eggs and a creamer? I can never get that straight…

  9. Ha ha, I love it! Great find!

    You’ve been black-hat-seo’d… that’s what those [censored] [censored] [censored]stards do…

  10. Bob – If you get your 6 inch egg, you have to eat it quickly. After a few hours, it’s bach to a one inch egg.

    Darragh – They love me really!

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