Sunday dinner — 8 Comments

  1. Nope. Played it right next to Bertie’s ear. absolutely no response. Brain dead, methinks.

  2. Thrify – When you start looking at sheep as Geishas then you are in trouble.

    Paddy – It’s fine. I thawed it out this morning and brought it for a walk. It’s back in the freezer now.

    E Mum – Bertie just wants to sleep. Leave him alone. He has plenty of sheep next door anyway?

  3. Grandad – I know you like ‘a bit of leg’ but isn’t this going a bit too far?

    Don’t forget the mint sauce!

  4. Did ya hear about the wife that hit her husband over the head with a frozen leg o lamb and killed him, cooked the lamb and fed it to the cops investigating the crime.She got off as they couldn’t find the murder weapon.Be nice to Grannymar.

  5. Steph – Five gallon jar of mint sauce was included in the order. Though I think the lamb may have eaten some.

    Grannymar – Don’t be daft. Of course it has its coat on. It’s damned cold in a freezer.

    June – I heard that one! I’m not worried about Grannymar as she lives about eighty miles away. Herself [Granny] is a different kettle of fish 😐

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