Sunday dinner — 8 Comments

  1. Thrify – When you start looking at sheep as Geishas then you are in trouble.

    Paddy – It’s fine. I thawed it out this morning and brought it for a walk. It’s back in the freezer now.

    E Mum – Bertie just wants to sleep. Leave him alone. He has plenty of sheep next door anyway?

  2. Did ya hear about the wife that hit her husband over the head with a frozen leg o lamb and killed him, cooked the lamb and fed it to the cops investigating the crime.She got off as they couldn’t find the murder weapon.Be nice to Grannymar.

  3. Steph – Five gallon jar of mint sauce was included in the order. Though I think the lamb may have eaten some.

    Grannymar – Don’t be daft. Of course it has its coat on. It’s damned cold in a freezer.

    June – I heard that one! I’m not worried about Grannymar as she lives about eighty miles away. Herself [Granny] is a different kettle of fish 😐

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