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  1. Thanks for the tip, Digital, but it’s quite efficient enough already. I’m thinking of removing the speakers altogether, in fact. And I’m very worried about that webcam that’s built in. Is it recording everything???

  2. On of the classic lines of all times: War Games, Nukes have just blown the world to Helen Bach, and computer says:
    “how about a nice game of chess?”

  3. What a cheeky lap-top!

    (My blog-mistress uses a chest-top, by the way…not too cheeky, but a bit full of herself…)

  4. It’s like Mr. Ed and Look Who’s Talking and The Dáil in here, all these inappropriate and inanimate objects coming to life.

    Sometimes if I stare at the photo of Grandad long enough, he winks at me and tells me to shoot tourists.

  5. Brianf – It’s mad enough anyway…

    Ashley – Do you have a cursor that you curse too?

    Olga – Chest top? The mind boggles [and the laptop wobbles?]!

    Terence – Great! I wondered if my experimentation in subliminal mind control was working.

    Tanya – Don’t be too harsh. It can be crabby at times, but a good reboot up the backside cures it.

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